Net Neutrality Rule Repealed

From Breitbart-  The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) passed the FCC’s “Restoring Internet Freedom Order” on Thursday, which will repeal the agency’s 2015 net neutrality regulation.

Chairman Pai told Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Monday, “I think what net neutrality repealed would actually mean is we once again have a free and open Internet. The government would not be regulating how anyone in the Internet service providers, how anyone else in the internet economy manages their networks.”

The FCC’s Restoring Internet Freedom order will reclassify the Internet as an “information service” compared to the FCC’s 2015 net neutrality order, which regulated the Internet as a public monopoly. The order will also require Internet service providers (ISPs) such as Comcast or Verizon to release transparency reports detailing their practices towards consumers and businesses.

The FCC’s net neutrality repeal order will also restore the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) traditional authority and expertise to regulate and litigate unfair, deceptive, and anti-competitive telecommunications practices without onerous regulations and increased cost.

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20 Comments on Net Neutrality Rule Repealed

  1. How i miss the days when you wanted to watch television all you needed was an antana and a good t.v. this internet is over my bald head so i guess im not to concerned.but there is way to much government control life today is no better with all the government than it was when i was younger. Oh how i miss the 50’s.dont tread on me any more.come quickly O Lord…..

  2. PHenry – if the Chinks git uppity with us, we can always tell ’em we’ll payback all the debt borrowed up until January of 2009 and after January of 2017 and tell them to go knock on Kenya’s door for the rest of it.

  3. My favorite net neutrality scam was when our rates were supposed to go down and service was to get better?
    HAHAHAHA. It was 0bamacare for technology. If you like your cable plan you can keep your cable plan…

  4. Just pass’n thru – you fergot about the part where ya had kids instead of a remote control…

    Truth is… it didn’t take long for the Networks to realize that TV sets were dumb terminals effectively hard-wiring the American public to their “news”. The internet has been the solution to that for about 20 years, but now that loophole is slowly being closed by Mega-Cyber-Bruther.

  5. I could pay $20k for a Ford Fusion.
    If I want to go faster I can spend much more for a Mustang Mach I.

    Both will get you to the same destination.

    Whatever happened to auto neutrality? Is it also a human right to own a mustang if I can’t afford it?

  6. As the regulatory requirements change you can hear the distant stirrings of… the lawyers.

    If Comcast supplies your internet, they can also sell you TV. If you stream Netflix, well now, they may have to make and adjustment or two. Just looking out for their shareholders, you know?

  7. All they could do to try to stop it was call in a bomb threat. Reminds me of college, someone always called on in on the big Saturday exam days. Same result, delayed until the building was cleared.

  8. I know some snowflakes who are melting down over this. Tried to explain if it did not affect you 2 years ago before Net Neutrality, it would not now. But they are sure they are doomed.


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