Networks Developing comedies About Illegal Aliens

Pirate’s Cove:

As if we don’t get enough social justice warrioring from the entertainment industry, now they’re going to give it a shot with illegal aliens

 (Deadline) With the topic of immigration firmly in the headlines, most recently over President Donald Trump’s decision yesterday to end the DACA program, it has become a very popular subject for TV series projects this season.

Written by David Feeney (New Girl, 2 Broke Girls) and to be directed by Christine Gernon (Speechless, New Girl), the comedy revolves around a hard-bitten husband and empathetic wife who butt heads over the chaos created when they provide sanctuary for their undocumented nanny and her family — and come to learn, if their marriage survives, that the differences both families have aren’t as significant as their similarities. Feeney and Gernon executive produce for 20th Century Fox TV.

Well, yes, we are rather similar. All families and individuals have problems. The big difference here is that the illegal aliens knowingly chose to enter the US in contradiction to our laws and further violate those laws by staying.  MORE

SNIP:  I, too, have been developing a sit-com about illegal aliens. So far, I only have titles.







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  1. No Country For Old Illegals
    Fried Green Chimichangas
    Guillermo’s & Téodoro’s Excellent Exportation
    MS-13 Hours
    The Illegal Parent Trap
    The Beaner Bunch

    American Pickers …. lmao

  2. Not playing the sitcom name game.
    Isn’t this always the tactic of the left? Normalize the abnormal by making sitcoms of lovable abnormal to make them less threatening in order to mainstream them for low information dopes who watch sitcoms.

    Here’s another new term for you. Normanlearification.
    Sorry. I’ve got the grumpy tonight.

  3. The lead roles must be gender fluid. Hillary already told us that womyn aren’t allowed to do the Right™ things, because the patriarchists in their lives force them to obey their deplorable lies.

  4. MJA Most that footage was my elementary school. My class room got mowed. Then we moved to Wisconsin in the middle of tornado ally for two years Not even a strong fart out of anybodies underwear. Go figure.

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