#NeverTrumps Looking Like A Bunch of Chumps

It was that long ago that I voted for Mitt Romney, listened to Charlie Sykes on the radio, read Ben Goldberg’s books and posted regularly from the National Review. I’ll never waste my time on those “conservatives” who still embrace NeverTrumpism. More

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  1. NeverTrumpers are people whose egos are more important to them than what is right for our country. They follow the same path as Leftists in refusing to look at anything that might go against what they believe, and are willing to sacrifice their country just to be ‘right’. Snowflakes.

  2. I put Mark Levin on that list too. He still takes shots at Trump even after his epiphany. He had to follow the money though.

  3. Their principles and their Hillary confetti snow globes must keep them warm at night, I guess. Even Ted Cruz stopped nevertrumping a while back and they actually threw him under the bus for McNoggin. Funny thing is, McNoggin, if he were in the FBI, would be doing the same criminal shit to Trump that the pro-Hillary FBI are doing.

  4. It takes a big man to admit when he’s wrong. I am not a big man.

    Seriously, I was never “Never Trump” but I was very dubious of him. And it looks like I was dead wrong.

    That said, those of you who were right will have to admit that you were hopefully rolling the dice on him because there was no way for anyone to be 100% sure what he’d be like.

    But with THAT said, I’m glad you were right and I was wrong.

  5. Rush talked about this last week on his show. He explained that the reason these guys can’t appreciate Trump is because it hurts their self-importance. They see themselves as smart, elite and special. More special than the rest of us. And when a normal guy like Trump who’s not as “special” as them comes along they have to deride him and his accomplishments or else they risk losing their super special/important status. In other words, they care more about their ego than this country.

  6. I heard Rush talking about them. He is right — they can’t stand the idea of the policies they have always SAID they wanted implemented actually implemented by a guy who isn’t one of them. That’s why whatsisname (advisor to 3 presidents?) now says he hopes the GOP gets slaughtered next year.

  7. Amen Grool, I was wrong about Trump as well but I did vote for him, as bad as Sir Edmund Hillary’s namesake was I don’t think Cruz could have beaten her. Trump is the man of the hour to be sure, not one Republican could have taken on the media and the left like this and turned the tables on them. This is the sweetest time politically in my life time, rivaling Reagans era.

  8. Anyone who ever stated or implied that voting for Hillary was a more conservative and patriotic thing to do than voting for Trump is either a complete moron or has their head so far up their own DC Beltway insider ass that they have to open their own mouths to see.

  9. We (I) hired a rude, impatient, successful NY yankee as a mercenary, a murder weapon, to destroy these sophistic statist cunts selling big government. The primary was their rendering.

    Now do it to the communists. No quarter.

  10. @grool — You are a big man in my eyes. That’s a big admission.

    But you said: “That said, those of you who were right will have to admit that you were hopefully rolling the dice on him because there was no way for anyone to be 100% sure what he’d be like.”

    I know I said this a couple of times during the campaign, that I spent most of my adult life reading resumes and listening to people explain themselves. I would have bet the farm on him, that’s how sure I was. I wish I could have literally placed a bet, but as it is my 401k and other investments have more than made up for that loss. 🙂

    In investing the disclaimer is “past performance is no indicator of future performance.” In matters of hiring, however, the cardinal rule is exactly the opposite. Given the resistance of human nature to change, past performance is the only reliable indicator of future performance.

  11. “That said, those of you who were right will have to admit that you were hopefully rolling the dice on him because there was no way for anyone to be 100% sure what he’d be like.

    Bull Shit. We knew he was the guy. Why didn’t you? That’s some weak shit Grool

  12. I know I believed it. In fact, on Election Day I came home with two bottles of champagne because I knew I wasn’t alone. There are a bunch of us that continue to be right.

  13. AA, thank you.

    Brad…first of all, the hatchet is buried.

    Second, it’s not weak. I’ll say it again (and to AA as well): trust your guts all you want. Objectively, though, no one could be absolutely certain about Trump BECAUSE, by all reports at the time, he was a long-time voting and donating liberal whose ACTUAL core beliefs were pretty much unknown. That’s why I hesitated.

    I was for Cruz, a smart guy. But his main game is to come across as Mr. Erudite Nice Guy…sometimes snarky and able to launch a clever Tweet, but I doubt he’d have had the savvy or the balls Trump has displayed. Had Cruz beaten Clinton, I have no doubt he would now be paralyzed by the Obama parasites inside the administration. Trying to paralyze Trump is failing because (my guess) they made him mad. I don’t think Cruz could have gotten mad enough, or done anything about it if he did.

    But the hatchet is buried.

    Let’s keep the fire going for his next term.

  14. grool — Yes, the hatchet is buried and we have peace and a superb president. But I’ll say it again, too: Those of us who knew who he would be weren’t using our guts, we were listening to who he said he was, what he said he’d do, and what he has consistently done throughout his life in similar, or even identical, circumstances. We looked at the outcome(s) of his personal influence on his business and family, what those who really know him had to say about his abilities, and found there a man who shared our values, interests and common sense approach to solving problems that need to be solved. The idea that he is a closet liberal is pretty dang funny.

    But none of that past disagreement is important now, because as you say, we need to be united for the future.

    Merry Christmas!

  15. Fair enough! They’re aiming to destroy Trump before 2020. They have to try — they can’t stand another 4 years of him. We must be on our guard now more than ever.

  16. The monent I saw Mr. Trump walk down the stairs of Trump Tower, I had no doubt he would be our next president. Call it instinct or spiritual discernment, somehow I knew God had given this nation another chance to get it right. Thank God we did, because President Trump answered the call and making fools of NeverTrumpers.


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