New GOP Strategy to “Dump Trump” Support Hillary?

Shock: GOP establishment considering DRASTIC move if Trump’s the nominee
The so-called GOP establishment’s distaste for frontrunner Donald Trump is well-documented. And with the first caucus just over two months out — and Trump continuing to dominate most polls, while establishment favorites like Jeb Bush flounder — the establishment’s panic seems to be reaching a fever pitch.

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27 Comments on New GOP Strategy to “Dump Trump” Support Hillary?

  1. Fuck ’em.

    Now they know how it felt for us to have to vote for McCain, Romney, W, GHW and Dole.

    I hope they choke on it.

  2. Any illusion was over when they pulled that crap in Mississippi with Thad Cochran. Paying dems to rig the primary. F THEM ALL!

  3. No. He’s threatening their money train while the rest of us get poorer. We knew this would happen. The rats are coming out into the open.

  4. Instead of taking advantage of what looks like a great opportunity, the Republican Party establishment is trying its best to implode. No, they don’t like Trump, and the establishment is threatening to essentially boycott the election. But the rank and file doesn’t like Jeb (or Romney or McCain before that), and these people (i.e “Republican voters”) may continue and accelerate the trend of ignoring the Presidential election.

    Regardless of how any of the GOP poo bahs feel about Trump, the poll numbers represent a message that is being ignored.

  5. GOPe’s want to screw Trump? Unbelievable! I haven’t been so disappointed since I found out the bear didn’t really “pork” Leo DiCaprio.

  6. It was the GOPe’s “new” strategy, back when Trump threw his hat in the ring.

    Now, it’s just the last, dying gasps of America’s latest Whig Party.

  7. And we gave the bastards the House and the Senate. Then we took out the crying boner and they gave us Ryan. GOPe, the gift that keeps on giving. You’re Right, FUCK ‘ EM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Can somebody tell me what the difference is between the GOPe and the Democrats other than one pretends not to be the same as the other?

    It seems that the GOPe is nothing more than Democrats who worked to gain control of the Republican party in order to assist their brethren in the Democrat party to win. It was a means by which to mediate the conservatives by stringing them along. Now that the gig is up they are willing to let their mask slip. Of course the idea was to have amnesty passed by now in order to remove the need for this corrupt enterprise. Too bad for them that amnesty still hasn’t passed and someone like Trump is pounding them with that very issue.

  9. Well this will help cull the herd so we can see who is a real American, like I said it smells of Whig.

    It’s time for a new party.

    Trump is making the GOP squeal like loading day on a pig farm.

  10. I read the article over the weekend and it became more fixed in my mind that only way to think of the GOPe is to replace that term with the more accurate “Wall Street” because when you get down to it Wall Street donors call the shots. Wall Street has no favorite party affiliation, they just want to make sure they end up on top. This is why they will “vote” (with their sponsorship) for clinton if Trump is the nominee, because with Trump they will lose control of their control by losing bush and rubio. Unfortunately I have to lump Cruz in there too, because of his four “Keep the Promise” super-PACS and their founding funders Toby Neugebauer and Robert Mercer; albeit both uber conservative, but with very strong ties via their political and Wall Street connections. Both funders are, themselves, deeply connected to the interests of Wall Street because of their occupations as private equity and hedge fund execs, respectively. Neugebauer’s influence is more keenly felt because of his father’s position as a congressman for Texas’s 19th district. But Cruz’s ties to Wall Street is not the theme of this comment so much as the fact that Wall Street interests will always expect quid pro quo from whomever they write their checks. To believe otherwise is willful naivete.

    Once you firmly fix in your thinking that we are not dealing with Joe Blow from this or that party or from this or that district and instead we are dealing with their Wall Street sponsors, it is much easier to cut through the static of political party designation and the machinations of voting records, policy planks and religious belief; all quite interesting perhaps, but of no matter whatsoever to Wall Street.

    The Clintons, for example, may look very Social Justice Warrior with their Global Initiative and love of gays, but they are died-in-the-wool Wall Streeters. This is why it will cause no heartburn to that group of donors in the article to back her. She may not have been their first choice — and not because of some residual conservative consciousness — but she will be the best choice remaining to further their natural survival instincts. And in some ways she may be a better choice since she has a long, strong record of selling-out for the money.

    Seen from this, I think, clearer and truer perspective, it is very easy to see how high-stakes donors have no particular loyalty to party politics and view politicians as merely their personal pawns on the global chessboard. It is more productive to know the interests of a politician’s financial backers than to know about their political views because that is what got them elected and if they do what their backers want, will keep them elected.

    Here is another article I read this morning at American Thinker that talks about why the GOPe is chary to go after Donald Trump.

  11. This is no surprise. The cork soakers behind the GOPe have shown their true colors time and time again. The more they try to disparage Trump, the faster they’ll lose support.

  12. Demonrat and Republicrat – two wings of the same party.
    Bolshevik and Menshevik – two other names for the same two wings of the same party.
    National and Inter-National Socialist – two more names for the same two other names for the same two wings of the same party.

    America – can you wake up a little, here? You can be killed in your sleep, too, y’know?

    Hello? Is there anybody out there?

  13. Geoff C. The Saltine is absolutely spot on. The Uniparty is Wall Street, Trump is Main Street. Wall Street makes no product, has no payroll, writes tax law to their advantage and makes itself rich trading paper. Main Street hires workers who buy goods and services, pays taxes (to the hilt), and tries to conduct business with the burden of over-regulation strapped to its back. Wall Street is global, it needs open borders and legislation that does not recognize individual country’s laws that hamper the movement of money. Main Street needs sovereignty to protect its products, its workers and its competitiveness.

    Unitparty = Wall Street = Globalization = The EU and UNA (United North America) & Globalized Law written by the U.N.

    Trump = Mainstreet = American interests first, Constitutional law

  14. The establishment republican tentacles reach few republican state committees, congressional district central committees, fewer county committees and even fewer precinct committees and virtually no voters.

    The establishment progressive republican’s influence has been marginalized by their own progressive ideals and inept strategy.

  15. Pinko-

    We are a mere SEVEN MONTHS from the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

    Seven. Months.

    Barring the dirty tricks that the shitstains and crapweasels in the GOPe will undoubtedly pull to cost Trump his nomination, at which they will FAIL, BTW…


    And just seven short months away!

    Put another way, the Republican party, as it’s currently construed, is VERY NEARLY ALREADY KAPUT.

    So smile, sit back, and let that thought warm your soul!

  16. If the GOP plays a hand in dumping Trump and I have to decide between Jeb, Romney, Rubio or Mrs. Graham.

    I WILL vote for Hillary.

  17. Cato — how can you say that when the establishment Republican’s reach is printed in black and white on every individual’s ballot?


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