New Orleans Saints Hit With Lawsuit

Conservative Tribune:   NFL Team Hit With Lawsuit, Courtesy of Flag-Loving Americans.

Fed up with the NFL’s ongoing national anthem protests, one fan has attempted to strike back by filing a suit against the New Orleans Saints in the hopes of recouping the thousands of dollars he spent on season tickets to the team’s games.

Louisiana resident Lee Dragna filed a suit in a district court Monday “seeking a refund for the tickets as well as attorney’s fees, claiming the protest by some players against police brutality and racial injustice has prevented him and his family from enjoying the games,” reported the The New Orleans Advocate.

Despite spending $8,000 on season tickets, Dragna hasn’t attended a game since the Saints’ first home game of the season on Sept. 17, when some players on the team avoided honoring the national anthem by remaining in the locker room as it played, according to the Advocate.  story

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  1. Go Fight Win Lee, they’re creating unnecessary Problems within the Stadium for the Fans.
    Why do they Play, because we pay them to !

  2. It’s a simple game….You run the ball, you throw the ball, you catch the ball and YOU DON’T F@!KING KNEEL DURING OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM!!! Show some respect you overpaid bastards!!!

  3. Take that NFL, you bunch of crybaby money grubbers.

    You act as if you really care when you don’t have to live the lifestyle you’re supposedly kneeling for.

  4. It’s a simple game.
    Where else can you get paid six million dollars a year for grabbing something and running?
    OK, shoplifting in a district of jewelry stores… my bad.
    Actually I’m surprised the NFL hasn’t been caught up in the recent wave of sexual harassment accusations, but hey, there’s still time.
    Meanwhile I’ll applaud this one!

  5. He won’t win. -Sorry.

    Suing a team over legal behavior probably doesn’t constitute a lawsuit. If you don’t enjoy the game, you probably are not entitled to a refund, however, the team should have settled this out of court and refunded his money.

  6. Have you ever seen the back of a ticket or the fine print? The ticket gets you in, they don’t promise results or enjoyment.

  7. The NFL has been losing respectibility for a few years now but this latest controversy with the National Anthem is causing them to lose money. At the end of this season when season tickets are renewed or purchased will be the sign of whether the slide will be permanent. If those ticket sales are appreciably down then the players will start to feel the pain when their contracts are renegotiated because it’s likely the value of the broadcast rights will sewer and that’s where most of the money comes from. Start thinking about a second job fella’s, gonna need money to maintain that lifestyle you’re used to.

  8. The warranty of merchantability is implied, unless expressly disclaimed by name, or the sale is identified with the phrase “as is” or “with all faults.” To be “merchantable”, the goods must reasonably conform to an ordinary buyer’s expectations, i.e., they are what they say they are.

    The Season Ticket holders had a reasonable expectation of what would and what would not be delivered.

  9. Fuck the Aints.

    (And I live here!)

    Hain’t watched a game since Game 2. And fuck Coach Sean Payton (Lee Harvey Oswald’s love child) for opening his stupid fucking mouth in favor of restricting my God given 2A rights. FUCK YOU

  10. Lee Dragna is a man of action and a beacon of hope. Maybe some lefties will get a lesson in “actions have consequences.” I hope and pray the nfl disappears without a trace, along with the nba,& wnba.

  11. Dumb asses in the NFL have painted themselves into a corner. If Dragna wins, there will be a domino effect as others line up to sue. Not good for the bottom line. Half filled stadiums at discounnt prices are not good for the bottom line either. Eventually the Saints will have to file for bankruptcy. Lose-lose for losers. Ain’t that nice?

  12. beachmom – don’t bet on it. Tom Benson’s opportunistic seahag of a wife is a greedy skank. It’s a shame how she is manipulating and controlling a poor old man who is deep in the throes of senile dementia.


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