President Trump comments at New Year’s Eve Party at Mar-a-Lago (video)


President Trump, First Lady Melania Trump and Barron Trump arrive at the Mar-a-Lago New Years Eve party in Palm Beach, Florida.
Watch videos at Conservative Treehouse. In case you were wondering what they were up to.  😉


14 Comments on President Trump comments at New Year’s Eve Party at Mar-a-Lago (video)

  1. Well, to be honest, that is a hideous dress. But other than the cellophane dress, what a super looking presidential family we have! Baron is growing fast, and so handsome.

    The cellophane dress is still better looking and composed than many of the sofa covers worn by Michele.

  2. Tennessee Rep Stephen Cohen complained on Twitter that we never see Barron with his dad, and that Trump never watches movies or sports at the White House with his son. How does he know? I reminded him that Bill Clinton had sex with interns while his daughter was in that same house. Then I got blocked from commenting further. What a leftist wimp.

  3. That dress is ew. The sleeves (barf)
    the drape, the cut, the fit, the color, the texture, the shine, the little flowers (ick)

    This is the first hideous outfit I’ve see on FLOTUS.
    Looks like a prom dress from Walmart.


  4. MM, Anonymous — I absolutely love the dress! It’s not cellophane, it’s completely covered in sequins. I liked it so much I had to dig to find out where it came from and what it cost. It’s been described as a tribute to Reagan-era prosperity and charm and also as “1940’s opulence” (referring to the floral motif, I imagine). As with many of the garments Melania and the other Trump women wear, it’s sold out at Neiman Marcus.

    $4,300. I like that she didn’t wear the waistline sash that goes with it, though. Frankly, I like 1980’s “pretty” when you could find a decent evening dress that wasn’t orange, neon green, purple drab, or oxford brown.

  5. Melania and the dress are stunning — party-time elegance and glitter on New Years Eve — isn’t that what NYE is all about ?

    Very pleased that Barron is also in a tux — and not in ghetto garments ! Saw a photo of one of the Obama daughters wearing shorts to work last summer… they apparently think that a work-place is just another place to play and hang-out.

  6. I love the dress too! It could be that Melania makes everything look fantastic but I really think it is beautiful. Great color on her–I would look like a wash out ghost in that color. Barron looks really good for an 11 y.o.! Rep. Cohen (D) can go pound sand, he has no idea how much time PDT spends with Barron.

  7. I don’t really like the dress very much, but I don’t feel it’s necessary to like everything she wears or does; I still admire her and think she is a lovely woman.

  8. Love the dress. Yes, it’s different, but maybe it’s just a girly-girl thing. The color, shine and flowers makes me go, “Oooooooo!” and smile inside.

  9. Claudia — Yeah, my thought was “feminine.” Did you see some of the women on the red carpet? Uh oh. I guess it’s Florida in the winter. The best was the older woman in the teal turban. Gloria Swanson-ish.

  10. Do NOT like the dress (and I was punched in the arm last night by my older sister, for saying so), but I absolutely love Melania, and most of the time, her outfits as well.

  11. I enjoyed reading Cohen’s comments….it demonstrated how utterly desperate the Left
    is to try to stop the Train. They’re out of ammo. Shooting blanks.

    I love the smell of fear in the morning……….or afternoon. But mostly at cocktail time.


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