NFL fines player $6,000 for expressing himself in way that’s not insulting to troops or national anthem

BPR: It’s long been argued by NFL watchers that the league’s tolerance and even embrace of national anthem protests, initiated by anti-cop former player Colin Kaepernick, was hypocritical.

Time and time again, Americans were upset and outraged at their beloved sport getting trolled by misinformed activists spreading lies about law enforcement. Time and time again, the NFL sat idly by, silent as players kneeled and sat on their rear ends, even though the handbook stated it was a job duty for players to stand quietly and respectfully during the observance.

The protests shifted to a vague statement of solidarity that essentially accused millions of white viewers of being virulent racists, despite their fandom and financial support, and all taking place during the nation’s sacred rite honoring its fallen heroes.

When football fans rightly complained about the NFL’s hypocrisy for allowing the protests to take place during the game, they were lectured about it being a “free speech” issue. Well, behold the NFL’s tolerance for “free speech.”

New Orleans Saints player Alvin Kamura took the benign initiative of donning Santa Claus cleats for the Christmas Day game. The predictable result?    MORE HERE


19 Comments on NFL fines player $6,000 for expressing himself in way that’s not insulting to troops or national anthem

  1. And that’s why the NFL is dead to me. Goodell is the biggest asshat of them all and they gave him new contract. The guys Proffesor Emeritus of Stupid U.

  2. Never did like the NFL. Lately been playing Trivia, and everyone knows (better than I do) if my card comes up NFL I have a less than 1% chance to get the right answer.

    I just want to point out the NFL isn’t doing anything at whatsoever to pique my interest. I’m actually proud when I don’t answer correctly.

  3. If I were the player, I would appeal and cite freedom of speech and the kneelers as reasons the fine should not be enforced. Let the NFL try and explain how kneeling during the National Anthem is different.

  4. This time next year, a lot of those NFL/BLM rocket scientologists are going to wish they had 6 grand. It would be refreshing to see if two or three BLM types have figured out what they’ve done to themselves. Don’t count on it though, they really are that stupid.

  5. OK, 30% drop in attendance.
    I say if this continues, the fine print on a lot of player contracts will be scrutinized, and will come into play.
    Something like ‘unforeseen circumstances’ and ‘termination of contract without further pay’ will crop up.
    When the pampered, millionaires start the hue and cry over racist verbiage hidden in their contracts that they signed, I shall raise a glass of single malt and one middle finger in their direction and offer this curt rejoinder:
    “Up yours, you insufferably arrogant bitches. I hope you end up on food stamps”

  6. I guess Goodell’s heart did not grow three sizes on Christmas day.

    Buh-bye, NFL. I had a far better time watching that incredible Army game!

  7. The only reason I would watch part of an NFL game is to see which companies advertise during games, so I ciuld avoid doing business with them. I vote with my wallet.

  8. Wasn’t there an incident last year or earlier this year where the Cowboys wanted to honor the five assassinated Dallas police officers with helmet stickers, and Goodell said “no” and threatened fines?

  9. @judgeroybean December 31, 2017 at 10:31 am

    What’s stupid about believeing that super man (He can fly!) Roger Goodell, that it’s all Hitler’s fault? Hitler’s nasty.

  10. My bet is the owners would be stupid enough to continue paying these boys (What!! no wimmen?) in the face of decreasing revenue in hopes of the league getting back out of its hole? Maybe they will lose their millions and declare bankruptcy, further screwing the public.

  11. Boycotts of the NFL are NOT enough. Crap like this begs a real response.
    The NFL has crossed the line more than once; this is not stupid, this is a provocative act.

    The NFL are LIARS. We already knew they were THIEVES (taxpayer funded stadiums).

    Destroy the NFL. I’m tarred of this crap.

  12. For the most part the team owners are there to make money and Goodal has made them a lot of money over the years and built the NFL up into a huge conglomorate with merchandising income and products that the Mouse at Disney would envy. The owners are hoping that he can keep that up hence the new and outrageous contract for a man that cares little for real values and simple patriotism as illustrated by standing for your anthem. The owners are just as bad. If (and I say a big if) the season ticket sales for the coming year are down a lot and we see a fairly large drop in merchandise sales then the networks will demand a drop in the fees regardless of whether the current contract does not have a viewer guarantee in it (and I bet it does) and if Goodal and the owners refuse then the negotiations for the next broadcast rights will be a bloodbath for the NFL. It really all depends on whether the fans show by not watching, attending games or buying merchandise their displeasure with Goodal, the owners and the players. The real fans have to stick to their guns and push back.
    Finally, if revenue does get cut by a fair bit that will ripple down to the players and then watch them turn on each other as most of them are just as greedy as the owners.

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