NFL ‘Mega’ Sponsor Suddenly Pulls Ads from League

Hannity: The controversy surrounding the National Football League continued to take its toll on the organization’s beleaguered bottom-line on Wednesday, after a ‘mega’ sponsor decided to pull its advertisements from future games for the remainder of the season.

In response to player protests during the national anthem, the owner of a New Jersey ‘mega’ car dealership decided to pull its ads for the rest of the 2017 season, or until league officials and owners crackdown on political demonstrations during the performance of the ‘Star-Spangled Banner.’

“The National Football League and its owners have shown their fans and marketing partners that they do not have a comprehensive policy to ensure that players stand and show respect for America and our flag during the playing of the national anthem,” said the owner of Flemington Car and Truck Company. “We have cancelled all of our NFL advertising on the Optimum and Infinity [cable] networks.”  more here

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  1. It’s been posted here before — her’s the BIG “Mega” donor.

    Call Anheuser-Busch number: 1-800-342-5283, then press 1 to let them know how you feel about NFL disrespecting the USA and their sponsorship of the same.

  2. I can take watching the left and globalists in this country destroy the nfl, higher education and the msm along with the banking industry, stock market and health insurance since they are heavily employed in those sectors and are only working against themselves but their assault on the fabric of society that allows for our above average standard of living is just gut wrenching.

    the left should be careful what they wish for they just may get it.

  3. A Congress-critter (or Trump!) should initiate and drive the removal of the NFL’s tax status. I’d rather see the $$ going to taxes than to salaries for stupid, rude people. (Though I don’t believe there should be income taxes; the evil should be fairly applied.)

  4. I think we have reached the point where Congress and the Chamber of Commerce are going to have to step in with legislation forbidding NFL advertisers from pulling their ads, and providing stiff penalties for merchants who publicly side with angry football fans. It’s almost a certainty that Maxine Waters, Sheila-Jackson Lee and Keith Ellison are working on it.

  5. @bill October 5, 2017 at 8:02 am

    their assault on the fabric of society that allows for our above average standard of living is just gut wrenching

    Actually, that’s the only silver glimmer of hope in the entire storm. Good people… loyal citizens… true “Scotsmen”… will only put their own shoes on, and roll out of the couch.. like in Venezuela… when the entire, the absolute entire, economy… below The Kleptocracy, of course… is like Venezuela. Until then, they’ll do as they’re told… by The Kleptocracy… because The Kleptocracy promised “Things can only get better.”

  6. at the moment you can still tell what game is being played by what country is saying FOOTBALL but looking at youth participation it will not be long before foot ball is the other white meat.

  7. I’m all for pig-piling the NFL at this point.
    We keep pitchin’ ’em and they keep missin’ ’em!
    Fuck ’em ’till they get the message and find their balls to enforce their own rules!


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