NFL Players Arrested Every 7 Days On Average


And it’s not a mythic one like the wage gap or the rape percentage in colleges.

This is a provable statistic which explicitly shows that the NFL is , more than just tinged with a bunch of thugs.

Oh, to be fair, some of the arrests are the same guy over and over and over and over and over again, and yet, the NFL doesn’t have a problem with it.

They think the problem is “systemic racism perpetrated by evil white men.”

When I heard that some NFL players took a knee, I thought, “that’s an odd thing to steal, but these are thugs, I guess they’ll steal anything.”

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24 Comments on NFL Players Arrested Every 7 Days On Average

  1. Anybody with an account on HuffNPuff, NYT, WP or any of the print or tv lefy MSM outlets ought to block copy and paste this piece into the comments section of any story critical of Trump’s stand as to the NFL. Trump has given the American people the opening now is the time for them to break this organisation and take it back to it’s roots. In addition the IRS ought to take another look at those “deals” the NFL demands vis-a-vis the city’s having to build new stadiums for the team else they’ll move. Blackmail pure and simple with the taxpayoers paying the ransome.

  2. Another part of the problem is how these world class athletes have been treated their entire lives. They have been catered to, and allowed to get away with bad behavior ever since they began to stand out from average athletes. They have been told how special they are for so long most of them begin to believe it. I’d be surprised if half of them can spell oppressed, much less define it.

  3. Give them a minute to hang themselves.

    Odds are one of them has already drugged and raped an underage girl at a nightclub and Goodell already knows about but is keeping it under wraps.

    Only a matter of time. Christmas is coming up. Time to sock a gold digging future ex-wife in the malph.

  4. Some people spent four years in the service of our country.
    Some eight years.
    Some twenty.
    Many gave their lives and limbs.
    And these assholes can’t just stand quietly for like three minutes once a week, while the rest of us give our respects? They have to act up in that three minute span?
    When they cannot even give us that little bit of decency I say screw them.

  5. @mr Anthropy.
    Totally with you brother.
    Respect is a two way street. I’ll respect you if you respect me. And vice versa.

    Along those lines, anybody but me notice that yellow curbs are black parking only?

  6. The libtards who retreated to their fainting couches with a bottle of smelling salts because DJT said women let you grab them by the pussy are perfectly fine with the thugs in the NFL regularly battering, abusing, and raping women.

  7. I’m going to keep bitching about this recent phenomenon about blacks parking on the yellow curb.

    They are disrespecting the most basic of laws now with impunity and LEO don’t want the hassle. I’ve been observing this for some time.

    That’s for emergency vehicles only.

    Ok. I’ll stop before I get myself in trouble.

    I witness this lawlessness daily. It’s pissing me off. Bigly.
    Am I the only one that sees this?

  8. So NFL stands for National Felons League or Not For Long but does not stand for America. Sad. I like(d) football.

  9. The majority of the players in the NFL and the NBA are black because those leagues are based on merit.

    A majority of violent criminals are black because we have a racist society.

    Just thought I’d let you know.

  10. They’re lucky beyond belief to have been gifted with athletic abilities to get a free ride thru college not to mention being given the opportunity to earn tens of millions of dollars………
    playing a game.
    Not only that, but if it weren’t for football, most of these dumb bastards wouldn’t qualified to drive a Pepsi truck. They should be thankful for what they have and thankful to live in a country that gives them this kind of opportunity!
    Don’t like Trump?
    Don’t take it out on the Flag, the National Anthem and the country and don’t take out your grievances on yer boss’s time wearing yer boss’s uniform in yer boss’s office!
    Now we’re supposed to listen to what they have to say about “White Supremacy”, “Klansmen” and “Nazis” (go find one) from a bunch of over-paid Prima Donnas with giant chips on their shoulders making millions to play a kids game in the toy store of life???
    Fuck You and the antifa rat-bastards you rode in on!

  11. The NFL is beholden to the left wing corporate media. They are the ones behind this, just watch ESPN for one minute and you will puke. The NFL will not do anything to disrupt the revenue flow from the threatening media nor the stooges they are using as useful idiots. The obvious party to piss on is the 99% of the idiot fans who dont agree with it but are too stupid and weak to do anything about it.

    The NFL would be a shell of itself since they feminized the game but for the internet gambling. That is the only reason why the young generation became fans. There is no way a dope can watch 4-5-6 games at once while keeping track of their fantasy football and actually be enjoying a game. They no longer root for teams, they root for players, and they dont really care who wins. If the popularity of the NFL drops, so will their interest in betting on it. Its just like the mostly unpopular horse racing game, only when its the Derby or Belmont stakes, and everyone is tuned in, do these morons want to wager on it. I predict this will end in the near future. The charade is boring and money will be lost.


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