NH: It’s OK to not want to be gay

By a single vote, New Hampshire permits teens not to want to be gay.

American Thinker: A recent trend in many states is to outlaw “conversion therapy,” where people who are unhappy with homosexual inclinations go through therapy to dispense with those inclinations.  Even though the process is voluntary, liberal states cannot tolerate the idea of someone with same-sex attractions wanting help to get rid of them.

In the U.S., state governments are beginning to outlaw conversion therapy in growing numbers.  California became the first to do so in 2012.  Eight other states have banned it in some form since.  In 2017 alone, Nevada, New Mexico, and Connecticut have signed their own bans into law.

Now New Hampshire, by a single vote, has failed to pass a bill that would have prevented teenagers with homosexual tendencies from getting therapy to get rid of those tendencies.  read more

10 Comments on NH: It’s OK to not want to be gay

  1. How can this even be possible in a “free country?” And who keeps electing these bastards? My outrage meter is starting to give out from overuse.

  2. Why does the state have any interest in whether an individual seeks conversion therapy? I agree with a non a moose, banning this type of therapy should not even be up for discussion in a free country.

  3. ” teenagers with homosexual tendencies”

    I’d like to see the definition of that. I mean if your a guy do you need to be caught with your lips wrapped around some guys meat or do you just need a limp wrist.

  4. “Trump apparently wants more Norwegians and fewer people from ”shithole” countries in Africa. You know what’s a real shithole? Trump’s goddamned mouth.”

    — George Takei (@GeorgeTakei) January 11, 2018

    Hey George, at least nobody ever accused Trump of having a dick in his mouth; unlike someone everybody knows is famous for. Now, as far as ‘shitholes’ are concerned…..pot, meet kettle.


  5. I am a therapist in CA. Talk about fox in the House. I have worked with young men that are confused sexually because the are teens and don’t get it. Also the media is telling them if you like your friend you might be gay. They get confused between friend attraction and sexual attraction since they have not had the feelings before. By California law I could get in trouble if I help him determine he is not gay. But it’s cool if I tell him he is gay( even if he is not). Of course I don’t always bide by the rules.

  6. TNRWC,

    Don’t “help him determine that he’s NOT gay”, instead help him determine that he’s heterosexual.

    Use their own stupid CA rules against them.

  7. with all the massholes moving up here, I’m afraid NH will be sued for false advertising for its motto ‘live free or die’.

    ny the way, I’m an ex-masshole.


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