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Any comment about IQs, multiculturalism and de-evolution would be frowned upon, so I abstain.

This is what boxing has become?

ht/ petrus

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  1. There was a time when cassius clay and howard cosell were still around that there were calls to end boxing due to deaths and brain damage. I wish it had happened. Isn’t this the ultimate form of bullying? You wanna fight. Take it to the battlefield.

  2. “Dominance behavior normally seen in Canis familiaris”

    No way. This is all insecurity and lack of confidence. He sucks and he knows it.

  3. Mmmm … big sweaty menses … big … and … sweaty …

    big … hard … and sweaty … menses … mmm … reminds me of that time that Moose and Reggie got ta fightin … both of em nekkid …

  4. Thats Adrian Broner. Hes a savage from Cleveland. Hes been shot at and is real low life. Hes a bum that keeps losing.

    Marcos Maidana beat the crap out of him in that fight. After that hes been a punk. His last fight he got polished by a kid named Mikey Garcia, it was fun to watch.

  5. I remember a few years back when the Oregon Duck mascot did that to another teams mascot. Puddles got suspended a few games for that stunt.

  6. Isn’t boxing a sport? Don’t they still penalize “players” for poor sportsmanship? It would have been beautiful if the ref had called the fight immediately when that first happened. Over. Done. You want to act like that? Do it somewhere else other than in a professional sport.


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