Normal College Students As Screwed Up As Their Mentally Ill Transgender Peers

College has done a number on our young. We should file a class action suit against the entire institution for malpractice.

In this video students struggle to answer the simplest question.

They were reluctant to answer because they were just set up by the questioner who allowed them to pontificate about how “gender is just a social construct and people are whatever they believe they are.”

The girls vocal fry their idiotic answers, and the guys grunt out their gibberish. But then they lock up when asked if there is a difference between men and women, worried that their answer might be hurtful.


The interviewer should have asked one galoomphy lunkhead, after he finally croaked out that “if there is a difference it just doesn’t matter”, if he was sexually attracted to both men and women. We’d find out right quick if there’s a difference, I assure you.

He should have also asked, “if there is no difference between men and women, why do transgenders get so pissed when you call them mister instead of miss?”

If there is no difference, why are they getting operations? What is this operation supposed to be doing? (Hint: It’s supposed to turn the boys into girls. A completely useless exercise since there is no difference between the sexes.)

Ask these a-holes if their dad could have given birth to them.

Ask the men when they had their last period.

Ask the women when the last time they had their prostate examined.

Ask them, “do you remember the exact point when you became a moron? Was it a sudden thing, or a slow process towards idiocy?”

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  1. There is an odd disconnect between the homosexuals and the transgenders. Homosexuality insists on recognizing no stereotypes of what it means to be a man or woman. Transgenders rely on preconceived, stereotypical ideas of what characteristics are male or female. Hence, Bruce, no I won’t call him Caitlyn, Jenner, wears dresses, makeup, nail polish, and high heeled shoes, and suddenly he’s a woman!

    They are already clashing. I’ve seen two recent stories about gay pride parades banning “drag queens.” They are offensive to transgenders.

  2. this is insanity. and evil.
    and the pudgy guy in the cargo shorts and striped shirt has never been successful with a female. he hopes and dreams but knows he will strike out. so joins this cult of bs hoping it might get him closer to a drum circle gal.

  3. I see the shit-for-brains contingent had their Wheaties today.

    I am utterly floored by the stupidity and lemming mentality of this group. Where is the brave young lady who will state, “Look, this gender-as-social-construct philosophy is bullshit, I don’t want anything with a penis peeing in my restroom, and that’s the end of it?”

  4. I don’t know how we ever recover from this insanity. Can’t wait for the day a man goes in a women’s bathroom and the fight is between a millennial and 40 year old woman on if he can be in there or not.

  5. I suggest this follow up question: “Are you in any way embarrassed or ashamed that you have allowed politically correct peer pressure to keep you from answering my questions truthfully?”

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