Now McCain is Punked by Russian Pranksters

The same guys who got Maxine Waters get McStain.

ht/ Je Suis Deplorables

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  1. Can this be true? Is BFH pulling a prank on us? How can an American hero who crossed the Rio Gr,.. ups, sorry who crossed the
    aisle to make friends, a real maverick, be such a phucking idiot?

  2. I will say one thing for McCain – he has one heckuva set of jaw muscles. I imagine they come from clenching his jaw and grinding his teeth several times an hour when he remembers and tries to forget his cowardice while a POW in Vietnam.

  3. I don’t understand how he’s getting passed the picture of him meeting with the ISIS terrorists a couple years back. What an ass.

  4. MSNBC Malcolm Nance “Terrorism Analyst” was awful nervous with Brian Williams over blowback from the Flynn leaks. Trump has an AG now. Klintonistas still embedded getting sweaty. Gonna be some arrests?? Frogmarches?? Or how about relocations to a Black Site? Good times coming.

    The TRUTH…
    the “Intelligence” sources the Mainstream Media use for these stories… are THEMSELVES! These are the games they play with words.

    BREAKING: Fake News really is FAKE.

    Hey Malcolm Nance All your emails are belong to us
    Gonna see ya {hanging} round {over} the quad you POS.

    NBC / Bloomberg et al…
    Sleep with one eye open.
    Gripping your pillow tight.
    Exit light. Enter night
    We’re off to never never land.

  5. @Uncle Al- I suspect the jaw is from cancer surgery. He doesn’t have enough grit to have any jaw muscle.

    @PJ- remember Diane Feinstein questioning phone data grabs and seeking, in her haughty voice, ‘surely you’re not grabbing the phone calls of this committee membership’, or something like that.

    No one wanted to reign in unwarranted listening, and here we go! They are everywhere, like cockroaches.

  6. There is nothing quite so pathetic and frankly, sickening, as an aging narcissist frantically clawing to hold on to the perception he still has worth and relevance.

  7. The republicans best and brightest maverick.

    No, they really couldnt do better than this in 2008. Think of that. He was the peak of republican pack. Followed in 2012 by that other f-up.

  8. These fu*king idiots in CON-gress are so full of their own self-importance, that they can’t see beyond their own noses.

    These two comics are dropping made-up names, puns and Russian inside jokes, and Waters and McStain are going right along with it, totally clueless, yet giving the false illusion that they know exactly what they’re talking about!!!

    And he said the RUSSIANS tried to change the outcome of our election! Isn’t he also flirting with violating the Logan Act?

  9. When McStain crashed his 5th aircraft disobeying orders to stay high because of the SAMs, he became a reverse ace. I am a V/Nam vet and a Navy vet and trust me, Songbird, has no love from his shipmates.
    Trump is right, being a shit aviator, a compliant prisoner and an admirals son and grandson, doesn’t make you a hero.

  10. Heh, this is Ali G all over again. Sasha Baron Cohen punked tons of pols and celebs until word got out about his ruse. Then he unleashed Borat with the same mission. Expect to keep hearing from these Russkies until their foil is totally exposed.

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