NY: Cuomo turned blind eye to pervert under his nose

NY Post: An upstate woman has stepped forward to reveal she is the sex-harass accuser who prompted the resignation last month of a high-ranking Gov. Cuomo appointee — and to accuse the governor of repeatedly ignoring his pal’s “horrific acts.”

In a shocking Manhattan federal court lawsuit filed Saturday, Lisa Marie Cater alleges former Empire State Development Corp. regional president William “Sam” Hoyt got her a job at the DMV and then leveraged it to “manipulate, sexually harass and sexually assault” her.

The bombshell complaint — which names Cuomo and Hoyt as defendants — says Cater contacted Cuomo’s office no less than six times but met “deliberate indifference.”

The “barrage” of unwanted kisses, crotch-grabbing, stalking, and daily calls, emails and sexts continued for a year, until Cater found herself on “the brink of a nervous breakdown,” according to court papers.

Cuomo’s office denied ignoring Cater’s complaints.  MORE

9 Comments on NY: Cuomo turned blind eye to pervert under his nose

  1. Cater: 5’10”, attractive,working at DMV for 30k.
    Hoyt: 5’7” loudmouth, cocky, arrogant, obnoxious, blowhard union official.
    Something amiss with this story.

    What’s wrong with today’s women? I’ve come across his type occasionally. I dont wish to conduct myself as anything other a lady, and in my experience, a polite, but firm, FU works.

  2. Andrew Como should get hit by a train or bus and have his intestines dragged an entire city block. Or, he should fall into a zoo animals cage and get eaten alive by a lion or gorilla after first getting raped by the gorilla. Or, he should doused in gas, be set on fire and tossed off the Mario Como bridge.

  3. I bet Coumo has some scellitons in his closet, just like his younger creepy perverted brother. Wonder is Hoyts wife will drag him to the cleaners. Hopes so if she has any dignity. About time some women expose the perverted power hungry politicians

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