NYC Subway Jihadi’s Wife ‘Surprised to Find Out What Her Husband Did’

Breitbart: Akayed Ullah, the bomber who swore allegiance to the Islamic State and tried to attack the New York City subway system with a pipe bomb on Monday, has a wife back home in Bangladesh.

She told investigators in Bangladesh she was “surprised” by his actions and had no idea he had become radicalized, but other sources claim she was aware of his interest in radical groups because he actively attempted to recruit her as well.

Bangladeshi police spokesman Sahely Ferdous said Ullah’s wife was “surprised to find out what her husband did,” because he “never mentioned radicalization or planning these types of activities,” even though he spoke with her by phone from Brooklyn only half an hour before carrying out his attack.

“His wife didn’t know anything about this side of Akayed,” said Ferdous, as quoted by CNN.

However, the UK Daily Mail on Wednesday cited Bangladeshi officials who say Ullah did try to radicalize his wife, providing her with written material and recorded sermons from Mulana Jasimuddin Rahmani, the imprisoned leader of a violent radical group called the Ansarullah Bangla Team.  read more

11 Comments on NYC Subway Jihadi’s Wife ‘Surprised to Find Out What Her Husband Did’

  1. Yeah, I’m surprised every time a muslim bombs, stabs, decapitates, uses a vehicle to run down unsuspecting crowds, throws acid in women’s faces and does an honor killing.

    Never suspected and always Surprised, I tell you.

  2. I interpret bullshit so let me help. We studied and researched this device thoroughly. Sumbitch should have functioned properly.

  3. American chain migration, and I’ve got her waiting in line.

    Or I can strap this pipe bomb to my nads.

    Gimme a minute. I’m thinkin’.

  4. Nothing surprises me any more. Im to old to care.stupid people believing in a moon god and loving goats wanting 72 vigins to greet them. Damn what a messed up people….oh well. Im good. Know where im going.😀 your welcome to join me.Praise God.


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