Obama Releases More Prisoners Than Last Five Presidents Combined

President Obama commuted the sentences of 95 offenders and pardoned two others on Friday raising his total to 184.



Each received a letter from the President on their way out of jail.


Note: This does not include all the terrorist released from Gitmo.

14 Comments on Obama Releases More Prisoners Than Last Five Presidents Combined

  1. Why the fuck do they show a picture of a white guy’s arms hanging out of a cell in the story when probably EVERY ONE released was a nubian? Now I know I’m guessing here but when I read 3 stories about this and no one mentions race…well draw your own conclusions.

    There were 40!!!! life sentences and 15 were for crimes committed with guns!

    And I gotta wonder WTF the Framers were thinking to give any man the right to undermine the rule of law.

  2. Well, he IS a criminal himself, so he can relate to them. I just wish he was able to relate on the inside of a prison.

  3. First thing that popped into my mind was that scene from Ghostbusters where Peck from the EPA ordered the power shut off from the ghost containment enclosure, and all hell literally broke lose. I wonder if that was zero’s inspiration?

  4. Figures the only ones who hate this are the racists and bigots of the
    ignorant right. Still can’t take having a black man as President. Obama
    calls the racist racist and the racist get upset.

    rhetoric is like a dog whistle for racists, separatists and
    isolationists everywhere. They’ve been scared for a long time of not
    being the majority anymore and will fight tooth and nail against it
    happening. hey righties..doesn’t this just about prove Trump and the GOP
    is racist?
    i mean all the racists like cliven bundy..ted nugent.. the KKK are endorsing Republicans..

    Right. If you want to blow it out of proportion and milk it for all of the loathing and resentment it’s possibly worth, you can just pretend the total number of those pardoned is all that matters. Forget the criminal thug culture around Reagan and Nixon. Forget those pardons. Forget that Nixon housed and protected a war criminal, Henry Kissinger, or that every Republican president since WWII was a war criminal under current international law. Forget that Obama is pardoning NON VIOLENT drug offenders whose incarceration was a human rights violation in the first place, because of asinine Republican policies like the war on drugs. Yes, Obama is making himself KING! Reagan wasn’t making himself king to start throwing hippies in prison (or arming the mujahideen, lol). Nah. If you really can’t tell the difference between what happens in the world and what you say is happening, I feel sorry for you. IN any event, I wouldn’t advertise a complete lack of ability to think in detail, you pathetic melodramatic children.


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