Obamacare “Stability” Bill Shell Game

There’s more than a little misdirection and fast shuffling going on regarding the efforts by a few RINO senators who want to continue paying out Obamacare subsidies to insurance companies.

While observers are trying to track if Congress is really going to dole out billions to keep the program afloat, we risk losing sight of the actual provisions which might be included in the “stability” bill.  More 

5 Comments on Obamacare “Stability” Bill Shell Game

  1. Hey, Insurance companies and their PACs paid out good “BIG” money to buy these Congressmen and Senators.
    They are supposed to stay bought.

  2. It’s as if the government wants “women of color” to have as many abortions as possible, out pacing Caucasians 3 to 1.

  3. With obamacare enablers, Ryan, McCONnell and their loyal brigade of progressive country club RINOs anything is possible.

  4. Stop mandating the financing of elective shit forced by ACA on those “health insurance” policies, and they goddamn companies won’t need any subsidies.

  5. Something tells me that even if the fed doesn’t slide the health insurance companies a few billion to prop up this piece of shit the democrats saddled us with (that they couldn’t even be bothered to read before they voted on it), the executive officers of those insurance companies still have multi-million dollar bonuses coming.

    Because, that’s what executive compensation boards do.


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