Obama’s backseat drivers, John Kerry, Susan Rice, and Ben Rhodes, have lots of advice for Trump on Iran

They want him to be quiet so that no one notices Team 0bama’s failures with Iran.
Good luck with that.

American Thinker: Former secretary of state (and Vietnam veteran) John Kerry and former national security adviser Susan Rice seem to be shuddering.  So does Ben Rhodes.  Iran is having another freedom revolution, following the 2009 one the Obama administration flubbed, and they don’t want President Trump to get his big bumbling hands on it.  He might just…mess it up.

Kerry emphasized that it is an “Iranian moment,” meaning America’s White House should say nothing.

With humility about how little we know about what’s happening inside Iran, this much is clear: it’s an Iranian moment and not anyone else’s. But the rights of people to protest peacefully and voice their aspirations are universal and governments everywhere should respect that.

— John Kerry (@JohnKerry) December 31, 2017

Rice had the same message, just more direct:

How Can Trump Help Iran’s Protesters? Be Quiet. https://t.co/w0MNlWMkxG

— Susan Rice (@AmbassadorRice) December 31, 2017

Obama’s “narrative” master, Ben Rhodes, who crafted the Iran deal, got in on the act, too:

The Iranian people are rightfully demanding dignity, less corruption, more opportunity, and greater control over their lives. In looking at US twitter, it seems lost on too many that this is about what Iranians want for Iran, and not about us.

— Ben Rhodes (@brhodes) December 31, 2017

This comes as 300,000 Iranians have hit the streets demanding democracy.

.@realDonaldTrump 300,000 march for democracy #Iran please retweet  pic.twitter.com/fKmR8vGLVB  @VP

— Ali AlAhmed (@AliAlAhmed_en) December 31, 2017

So the specter of failed leftists who threw in their troth with the mullahs, forking over billions for them in exchange for the easily violated Iran deal, pretty well throws that Obama legacy of appeasement and negotiation for its own sake onto the trash heap of history.  Iranians in the streets just don’t like it.

It’s actually worse than that: the billions that went to the mullahs, from Obama and friends, on pallets from secret flights, actually served to enrich the mullahs, not the people of Iran, as Rhodes and the rest of Team Obama assured would be the case.  more here

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  1. And we all know that President ValJar’s administration had nothing but the best interests of the Iranian people at heart. [sarcasm off]

  2. I certainly hope DT doesn’t take any advice from these three stooges. It’s obvious that their policies did not work.

  3. They are really passionate, one would assume they fear their placement in a new World or one world order was just Diminished.
    Why the Hell else are they still around…You Lost go Home !

  4. Just because Trump wants to inject some “Reality TV” into our foreign policy by sending Flavor Flav to lead the people of Iran in a rendition of “Fight The Power” doesn’t mean he is going to mess things up. I say it is a step up from James Taylor (too mellow).

  5. The Obama shitheads were all for the Arab Spring, where millions of people would be subjugated to the Muslim Brotherhood.
    But they’re against the Iranian Winter, where people are actually being freed from subjugation to the Mullahs.
    Do people really believe the Democrats are for Democracy? Obama proved over and over that he sides with tyranny. (It all started with the Zelaya debacle in Honduras.)

  6. The Obama-ites never met a dictatorship they didn’t love. They believe in stomping on freedoms all over the world…that humans should be over-regulated, and controlled, even to the point of starvation.

    Remember when Egypt told Obama what he could do with the Muslim Brotherhood Dictator he helped put into power? The Egyptians accused Barkey of being a terrorist supporter (they were right), and tossed Morsi into prison. Hopey was NOT a happy camper.

    Obama wreaked havoc in the Middle East for eight years, hopefully the reign of terror is unraveling.

  7. Kerry is correct … he knows very “little” … “about what’s happening inside Iran”

  8. Ah yes…Obama’s “Don’t Do Stupid Shit” foreign policy people, who did, in fact, lots of stupid shit. Stupid, criminal shit, actually. You have the right to remain silent, assholes.

  9. Hey Susan Rice… Fuck You you marxist cunt. Your ass should be in prison right now, and you should definitely shut the fuck up about virtually everything.

  10. Hussein Obama , Eric Holder , Susan Rice , Samantha power , James comey , Huma A , Hillary killer Clinton. And rest of them will get justice .

  11. Did the looser Eric Holder wasn’t hold in contempt . So the idiot don’t have shit to say about nothing. Also fast and furious ,

  12. Dear President Trump,

    I would volunteer extra tax payments just to see the Obama administration prosecuted and imprisoned. Let’s start a “Go-Fund-Me” drive!

    Yours truly,

  13. Don’t these people yet recognize that they are as welcome as Anthony Weiner and Harvey Weinstein at a a dilettante party?

  14. By the way, I am pretty sure that if Obama is allowed to chose his “back seat DRIVER” it will be a man!

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  15. Oh good grief the keystone kops from the obozo administration. Graded out at F- in 8 years. Go away you stupid libtards


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