Obama’s Dog Pooping All Over The White House

Blaming the dog for farting taken to a new level.

First Lady Michelle Obama: “Sunny can be naughty. Because you know what she does sometimes? She leaves the kitchen and she’ll sneak, and she’ll go poop on the other end of the White House.”



Sunny’s not very good around children either.

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  1. Mooch, it’s not cool to blame the poor dog.
    Doesn’t he have it tough enough?

    Considering that dogs have five times as many olfactory receptors in their noses, and forty times as much brain space devoted to analyzing smells, that poor animal must constantly feel like hurling himself through a window.

  2. for pete’s sake!
    can’t obama take even a little initiative along with our wasted taxpayer dollars and house train those dogs?

    this dip shit has so little respect for our house that he lets his dogs run around and shit in it.

    am i the only one who has had enough of this crap?

  3. The dog isn’t potty trained because the owners aren’t expected to pick up after it. The owners don’t have a decent enough relationship with the dog to know when it has to go, and the dog isn’t able to communicate when it needs to go. It’s borderline animal cruelty to not form these bonds with your dog. It is cruelty to tax paid for house.

  4. Key phrase ” runs to the other end of the WH. ” well with barry and the mooch as your masters wouldn’t you get as far away as you could?

  5. I anticipated that after the obamas leave the whitehouse it would have to be fumigated with or without their dog.

    The dog, like obama, has no discipline, after thought of what they’ve done or personal responsibility.

  6. HahahHahahahahahaLOL,
    It takes only a few days at most to train a dog to do his business outside when they are 8 weeks old. Somthing more is going on here, and it is not just that this fucking family lives like Kenyans in a hut.
    When Stinky, Mike, and Mrs. Robinson leave, the whole damn place will have to be gutted and remodeled.
    The article reminds us that Barry has turned everything.he touched into shit.

  7. Some political consultant at some point told obama that there are a lot of dog owners who would vote for him if he had a dog. Narcissists don’t care about anything or anyone but themselves. It takes a person with love to spare to understand what a dog needs. A normal person would be embarrassed to talk about their dog’s deliberate pooping habits — especially in a place as special as the WH. These people are really messed up. From the pics I’ve seen of how they redecorated the private residence, it really will take a full re-do to make things right again.

  8. I’m sure Mrs. Trump or Mrs Cruz will fumigate that tent before they set foot in it. Buy Sherman Williams stock. Every nook and cranny will be scrubbed and painted

  9. And just remember, they are apparently content to LIVE (and eat and brush their teeth!) in the same spaces where a dog has crapped repeatedly. If you take a black light to those areas, you’d be as grossed-out as I am. There is only one way to get feces and urine residue out of carpet, stone and wood flooring and most people don’t know that.

  10. As noted, dogs tend to take on the personality and habits of their masters. Zing!

    Pretty please, can we put the adults back in charge of the nation now? It was a cute little experiment to put an unqualified idiot in as POTUS because of his mixed race heritage, but we need some one with a moral compass and intelligence at the helm.

  11. Inspiring First Ladies:

    “If we do not lay out ourselves in the service of mankind whom should we serve?”
    Abigail Adams

    “I’ve learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our dispositions and not on our circumstances.”
    Martha Washington

    “Sunny can be naughty. Because you know what she does sometimes? She leaves the kitchen and she’ll sneak, and she’ll go poop on the other end of the White House.”

    Michelle Obama

  12. It’s not a secret that Muslims hate dogs so one can conclude
    the dog was merely a prop, just like the styrofoam pillars.

  13. And here we see the typical Libtard thinking and behavior.
    -Get an animal that they will not love, just to say, “I have one”.
    -Don’t bother to train it in correct behavior.
    -Reward it for bad behavior.
    -Make jokes and excuses for bad behavior.
    -NO consideration of how the animal’s bad behavior affects others.

    Gaaahhh! 20Jan2017 can’t come soon enough.

  14. Barry can also be naughty. Because you know what he does sometimes? He leaves the kitchen and he’ll sneak, and he’ll go pretend it’s Man-Country in the other end of the White House.

    Barry doesn’t think I know, but I know that Reggie used to be there, now it’s those Muslim Brotherhood boys. They have a very intense time over there. Why Barry often still makes goat sounds for several minutes when he first gets back. It often doesn’t stop until Valerie gives him the ice-bitch stare. Barry stops immediately, and looks like a little boy who’s mamma just threatened to spank him if he doesn’t knock it off immediately. The mess they leave on the carpet over there is worse that anything Sunny deposits.
    Michelle Obama

  15. Yeah, don’t bother to potty train your dog… That would require the bane of all libturds… Personal responsibility.

    And hey, teach the kids some responsibility. Make the ‘girls’ go out there with the pooper scooper once the dog is done.


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