Offshore Arctic oil discovery could rank among Alaska’s biggest ever

ADN: Caelus Energy Alaska said Tuesday it has made a “world-class” oil discovery that, if estimates prove true, could be one of the largest finds ever in Alaska.

The Smith Bay site, in shallow waters about 50 miles southeast of Barrow, could “provide 200,000 barrels per day of light, highly mobile oil,” the company said in a press release Tuesday.

If correct, that production level would make the field more prolific than ConocoPhillips’ Alpine unit, which began production in 2000 and reached a production peak of 139,000 barrels in 2007.

The statement from Caelus does not indicate analysis by a third-party engineering firm. The estimates are the company’s internal numbers, a spokesperson said Tuesday morning.


9 Comments on Offshore Arctic oil discovery could rank among Alaska’s biggest ever

  1. collecting seismic data in this area was a real challenge.

    The oil companies wanted the data so bad that after leaving the area due to the fear of being ice in and the fuel tanks were dangerously low. We return after running 100 mtr of fuel hoses across the ice.

    Everyday, we hired helicopters to map the breaks in the ice

    Btw – ice scraping along side the hull sounds like an old style can opener

  2. well the now feds will have to fire up the environmentalists to protest and stop any production.

    after all that oil belongs to china. that’s the collateral for all the money they invested in our treasury bonds they bought so we could offer welfare to illegal immigrants and hilary could “lose” 6 billion dollars out of the state department.

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