ON THE GROUND REPORT from New Hampshire @Mr_Pinko INTERVIEW@Mr_Pinko interviews the lead TRUMP CAMPAIGNER, Linda, who is on the GROUND campaigning in New Hampshire. Mike Pence personally commended her work.

CLICK HERE to listen to the INTERVIEW.

Linda took time out from the campaign to let us know the feel she’s getting from the ground campaign.

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3 Comments on ON THE GROUND REPORT from New Hampshire @Mr_Pinko INTERVIEW

  1. Something you hear over and over again is how ‘underground’ Trump support is across the land. Just like the tea party, after a fashion, people stopped openly declaring themselves lest the IRS or some other militarized agency comes knocking. But we’re out here! How else do you explain 10-15K people coming out on a cold, dark night, parking 2.5 miles away and standing in line through midnight to maybe not even get into a rally?

    We’ll be crawling over broken glass to vote if that’s what it takes!

  2. Gonna be SOOOO DELISH to have had a small hand in collectively driving a stake through that demonic bitch come tomorrow.


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