On This Hitler Nonsense

Great essay posted at Regie’s Blog, found by Third Twin.



1.[Hitler] took over a small, failing state that didn’t have separated government, enumerated powers or checks and balances. It’s difficult for a guy like that to show up here, in this system.

2. His entire political career was violent from the beginning. There was always death in his wake. He didn’t just suddenly “turn” violent. It was a pattern …as it always is with sociopaths. This is THE most important thing to watch; the violence. I always keep an eye on who is rioting …breaking things …throwing rocks and bombs. It doesn’t make them Nazis. But it signals how far they’re willing to go.

3. He entered office with his own personal military construct (the SS) with allegiance to him ONLY. They would carry out things the regular military would never carry out: i.e. the murder of private citizens and political opponents. Nothing like that exists or COULD exist in America. We simply wouldn’t allow it.

4. He didn’t start out just killing Jews. He started out euthanizing people with special needs …for the betterment of the care-givers’ lives. (You can decide which side of the aisle favors the extermination of “inconvenient” people).

5. He disarmed the population, then nationalized healthcare and education. (Two-out-of-three of those are Bernie Sanders moves …But, guess what? Bernie isn’t Hitler either …not by a long shot)


Regie ultimately concludes which one of our presidents could be compared to Hitler, and it’s probably not who you think.


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  1. This surprises no one. The left blaming the right for their own Nazi actions. Take Der Spiegel as example, actual Nazis calling someone else a Nazi. The left is dead!

  2. The guy is right on. That was a really good read. The best thing about it is I still do not know if the author is conservative or liberal. Either way, he is certainly quite articulate.

  3. One of the commenters noted that Hillary, with her programs and special interests and the number of deaths in her wake, was way closer to being a Hitler figure than Mr. Trump.

  4. Chances anyone who is stupid enough echo the Hitler accusation reading this……zero.

    The last think they want is the truth.

  5. Academia only teaches the false alternative, that facism is on the opposite political spectrum from socialism, when in fact it is on the same statist side. They have so brainwashed their minions that they have no concept of limited constitutional government. Pundits on the right (Carlson, Hannity, Krauthammer, etc.) should be using this as a talking point.

  6. The Nazi’s were national socialists, nothing about President Trump is socialist. Chrissy Matthews displayed his ignorance on national tv. What a maroon! Left wingers are acting like a bunch of spoiled children who have just had their lolly pop taken away by force.

  7. And… Hitler was head of the National SOCIALIST German Workers Party.

    Bernie is an avowed SOCIALIST.

    So, according to existing Left wing constructs, Bernie = Hitler.

    Stupid Lefties.

  8. “We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions.” –Adolf Hitler, Quoted in John Toland, “Adolf Hitler”, p224″

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