“One Angry Squaw”

Elizabeth Warren Pens New Book

BOSTON, Massachusetts (World News Bureau) – Sen. Elizabeth Warren (RTRD-MASS) has released a new book aimed at firing up left wing support for her expected presidential run in 2020.

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  1. I doubt if it will be any better received than her “Pow-Wow Chow” plagiarized recipes in Candy Rowsey’s cookbook.

    Warren’s book should be called “Bow-Wow Now 2020.”

  2. That Warren broad always sounds like she has her teepee up her ass. Get a job hawking programs at Fenway where you belong, crackpot.

  3. What is with the obsession of the Left and Democrats that the next POTUS has to have a vagina?

    Like that is a qualification? I guess it is like being a mixed-race affirmative action and America-hating muslim atrocity apologist SCFOAMF.

  4. “Dreams of my wanna be injun’ father” or “squaw-sided economics” or some such.

    Warren is the perfect example of a “stolen valor individual” who will claim anything to get a slight advantage over others.

    She belittles native american heritage, and other things we americans hold dear.

    I am 1/8 native but I don’t own a casino or claim that box on the forms – never thought I deserved it.

  5. When her car’s tire got punctured she used apache to seal the hole.
    When her roomate lost their purse they had to cherokee to the apartment.

  6. If she’s a Squaw, she needs to shut up get back to work before the tribe sells her off to some Shoshones for a horse and some prairie dog pelts

  7. From the introduction of Boston, by Cherokee Princess Lizzie “Fauxahontas” Warren:

    “…and me wantum be Great Cherokee Mother and live in Big White Washington Tee-Pee and huntum Buffalo in Fort Marcy Park. Me knowum it take village to raise simple minded villagers what think like Indian from Welfare Tribe. Me wantum same-same for alllllll people, but not for Chiefs. We haveum more because Chief special Big Medicine Person. Big Chief Red Dollar Soros say whole world full of Big Chiefs with BIG needs so they can stay Big Chiefs. make BIG Medicine and take care of tribe.

    For reason of fair, me wantum make Big Medicine with Democrats and lead Democrat Tribe on Big War Path. We take ‘um Winchesters and MUCH Fire Water. We killum white-eyes and takeum land, 401K and haveum big, homogenous, prosperous country like China!”

  8. Fauxahontas should have no credibility with anyone anywhere.
    Anyone who does defer to her, like her Dem colleagues, should also be totally ignored.
    On the ground they are frauds. They have no standing to speak in public, let alone in government.

  9. As a native American I take great offense by the comments of squwa Warren. She should return to the Arizona desert and live with her relatives.

  10. When Elizabeth was born, she asked her Indian chief father how their people got their names. He said that after babies were born the father would go outside Teepee with their eyes closed and spin around three times. The first thing he saw when he opened his eyes is what the child would be named. He told her “That is why your brother is called Running Bear and your sister is called Sparkling Brook. Tell me Two Dogs F**king, why do you ask?”

  11. As a native American I just want to say my tribe in D.C. is missing an idiot. She speaks with a forked tongue and she is a liberal.

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