Oregon: Photos Show Woman Using Vehicle to Tow Children in a Plastic Wagon

An Oregon mother is accused of using her car to pull three children seated in a plastic wagon.

Alana Nicole Donahue, 27, was arrested after several drivers who witnessed the spectacle called the police to report the incident, WITI reported. MORE

16 Comments on Oregon: Photos Show Woman Using Vehicle to Tow Children in a Plastic Wagon

  1. Used to work with a wild Irishman who loved his beer. So much so that he lost his job for not complying with weight standards. One day the guys were talking about wives getting fat. The Irishman said that he told his wife if she ever got fat, he’d tie one end of the rope to her waist and the other end to the bumper and they were going jogging.

  2. Pulling Kid’s around is a fun thing for everyone , but it Has it’s Limits Honey. Go Buy a Slippin Slide, and stay Away from the road !

  3. I remember when an ultimate insult was to tell someone that you wished they were an alligator, since gators eat their young.

    Now, you can substitute leftist, for gator.

  4. Grandparenting 101
    Just put the kiddies in a wheel barrow one by one and cart them around on the lawn, when you get tired of this, dump them out into the sand box.

    Do I have to think of everything?

  5. Common sense seems to have left the universe for some people. This idiot has never heard of unintended consequences.

  6. That’s what led to the demise of Ralph and Stymie. Background checks should be required of all babysitters… and mothers.

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