Oregon: Portland to spend $29 Million On Luxury Condos For The Poor

Gateway Pundit; In its never ending wisdom and good stewardship of the public purse, Portland has decided to spend $29 Million dollars on a 60-unit luxury condo building in the heart of the city’s upscale Pearl District. That comes to $483,333 per unit. For a condo. In an area where there is no parking. With the public on the hook for most of it.

In standard Portland operating procedure, it will please the greenies, by using an “innovative wood product called cross-laminated timber, or CLT, instead of steel and concrete.” Even more Portland-y, it will be called Framework and some organization called “Project^” is involved. Yes, Project^ is the name. With a “^”.

Courtesy of Willamette Week:

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler announced Nov. 7 he wants to use public housing dollars to build an 11-story building with an innovative design.

The building would be the nation’s tallest made of wood and serve as a public relations boon for the timber industry, but it’s also attracting critics because it would be far more expensive to build than a traditional concrete and steel structure.

“This might be a good project if we were not in a housing emergency,” says Jo Ann Hardesty, a candidate for the Portland City Council. “I’m just concerned we get distracted by the shiny new object.”MORE

SNIP: Oh, it’ll start at 29 million, but where will it end?

20 Comments on Oregon: Portland to spend $29 Million On Luxury Condos For The Poor

  1. If they just wait a little bit longer, there will be hundreds of abandoned buildings in Portland, thanks to the invasion of the homeless dregs.

  2. SNIP: Oh, it’ll start at 29 million, but where will it end?

    It will end with the Fire Chief looking at the flaming collapse of the building and turning to the Mayor and saying “So, made of wood you say?”

  3. Where was the Panera Bread place that had to close because the ‘pay what you want’ socialist scheme failed, Seattle?

    Jerry Brown has his boondoggle fast train; Seattle it’s socialist high minimum wage and the Panera Bread fail; OR, now has its ‘remember-how-fast-real-Christmas-trees-go-up-in-flames’, high rise.

    What fun it is to watch socialism fail.

  4. The “leadership” has both too much time and too much of other people’s money in their hands. Plenty of time to think up stupid stuff to do. Way past time to cut staff size and the money supply.

  5. Good. Most voters in that part of town are wealthy hard core libs. They deserve what they’re getting. Homeless people will tell other homeless people all over the country. Other city Mayors, who are sick of homless problems, are going to tell their bums about Portland’s freebies. Watch Portland’s homeless population sky rocket. We’re going to become a highly taxed, turbo charged scum magnet.

  6. @billypaintbrussh January 8, 2018 at 7:04 am

    > Cross Laminated Timber — plywood?

    No. It’s the Uber of plywood. It’s plywood 2.0. Plywood is not who we are.

  7. I think those scum suckin’ commie bastard up there in “Portlandia” lay awake at night trying to come up with new ways to piss away our tax dollars. Maybe it is time for the “Big One” to hit the left coast.

  8. The criminals government in Maryland trying to make people that living in 500,000 home or 250,00 350,000 homes to put low income apartment in the good area in Baltimore and other parts .


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