Outdoor Clothing CEO Wants The Outdoors Controlled By Federal Government

Patagonia clothing company CEO Rose Marcario has vowed to resist Trump in every way because she’s angry that Trump is returning as much territory, that Obama confiscated in draconian federal land grabs, back to the states.

Maybe she’d get some sense if Trump ceased her clothing company?

How much power does this bint want to cede to the feds? If the feds designate the wilderness off limits, we won’t need her “sporting apparel.”


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  1. I have a Patagonia jacket that’s 30 yrs old and still great.
    But because Rose is on a stage grinning with King Merdas obola and wants omnipotent gubermint (plus she looks like a Mark Cuban clone), it begs the question, can she sew?

  2. Privately held company. She has no shareholders to “persuade”. And we can’t short her stock.

    Patagonia imports sweatshop outdoors-ish apparel from China and elsewhere, then marks it up 10,000% and sells to virtue-signaling snowflakes. A lot of her clientele are Metro 17-45 females whose only outdoors activity is walking the dog.
    Better apparel available at REI. Or Walmart.

    She’s probably correct thinking a lot of her clientele will applaud this. But it’s a niche company with a big price point disadvantage over competition selling the same seasonal commodity outerwear.
    Alienating even 10% of her customers will hurt her. I hope.

  3. How did Mother Nature ever survive before the government started administering it? God was totally clueless I guess and it took obama to fix it.

  4. Before so arrogantly, and stupidly deciding to piss off half of his customer base, he should have talked to Target, Kelloggs, Time, Newsweek, the New York Times, ESPN, The Dixie Chicks, and Starbucks. Dumb ass.

  5. How great is a CEO who intentionally alienates any percentage of the companies customer base? Hope the shareholders of the stock appreciate this move? Sounds like a short sell.

  6. These public lands are protected because they are public?
    All the species and landscapes are going to vanish when the areas lose monument status?
    I’m failing to see the logic.

    If you want to protect a piece of land is your first thought to let the public tramp all over it?

    Heck no, barb wire, fence, a wall and a crocodile filled moat, sort of like how we should be protecting our borders.

  7. And just what is this dwarf going to do? Donate money to the Dems? Bet she’s already done that to the max. Sew anti-Trump slogans on her clothing? Love to see that. The fact is she’s not going to be able to do a damn thing except, with luck, work herself into a stroke. I wonder if the clothing line still sweatshops out of Asia? That would an interesting thing to hashtag.

  8. She’s looks like a typical bull dyke marxist asshole. She’ll probably file a discrimination suit against Patagonia’s board of directors when they fire her dumb ass for making sales plummet.

  9. What’s wrong with turning lands back to the states? States are eminently capable of maintaining state parks. Let people in respective states decide how to best manage their parks and other public lands. I have camped in numerous, wonderful state parks over the years and my nature experience juju wasn’t really affected by the fact that it was state-owned vs federal-owned. These people are communists who want a centralized leviathan in charge of everything. They are morons who need to move to Cuba, Venezuela, or N Korea so they could get their beloved centralized government good and hard.

  10. Communist.
    We never buy their crappy Chinese made, overpriced stuff anyway.
    If she is so in favor of the government running everything, why not move the company to Venezuela and turn over the reins to them?

  11. This company is projecting 209.1 million in sales for 2017. Honestly, that’s not shit. She a pimple on the ass of commerce acting like she’s got this huge super wealthy organization behind her.

    Trump International did 9.5 Billion in REVENUE in 2015. She microscopic, except for her mouth.

  12. The shipments arrived so they’re setting up the inventory and last quarters’ profits are up 1.3 percent showing a val- AND IT’S GONE.

  13. Uncle Al, if Trump ceased her property, would that make him Ceasar? Or seizer? Any more of this and I’ll have a seizure!🙂

  14. Last Sept I picked up a Patagonia catalog at a shop while on vacation. The owner, Yvonne Chouinard, included a full page singing the virtues of socialism. Urging people to vote for socialism in the up coming election. I only own one piece of Patagonia gear. I decided right then I’d never again buy any of their stuff. This is more evidence I made the right decision.

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