Team Biden! Ramping up

August 3, 2015 Cardigan 17

WS– “This morning, the strongest signs yet that Joe Biden might be ready to run. The vice president’s advisers telling ABC News, his political team has been ramping up in recent days, entering what they call a more active phase,” ABC reports. more

Google Doodle Parody

August 3, 2015 BFH 5

Our Google Doodle parodies were always a favorite of Thomas Lifson, editor of American Thinker. If you’re seeing this, Thomas, the return of this feature is for you. Click the doodle to see a day in history Google would never cover.  

Progressive Policy – kill the economy, kill white people

August 2, 2015 BFH 18

People’s World, a progressive rag, lays out the progressive mindset, one that makes Obama’s behavior completely understandable. Progressives Today (a conservative site that tracks progressive idiocy)- “Significant segments of our movement celebrate a “green new deal,” that will create an economic boom and new jobs [Read More]

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