Protestors Block Road in Hollywood

December 28, 2014 BFH 9

First of all, the guy videoing is a douchebrigade. LANDSCAPE, NOT PORTRAIT, IDIOT. Secondly, what is with this poofter’s “oh my God”s? What is he saying “Oh my God” about? He follows up with a “that is crazy.” What is crazy? That some guy drove through [Read More]

I Was a Police Officer

December 27, 2014 BFH 39

Today, I will not answer the radio call that your boyfriend has come home drunk and is beating you again. Today I will not answer the radio call that your 16 year old daughter, who is very responsible, is four hours late coming home from [Read More]

I Think Kirstin Deserves a Meme (Updated)

December 8, 2014 BFH 0

This is the Dem operative that ran from James O’Keefe. The face is Meme Worthy. We’re continuing to rub salt in the wound Linked by Ace of Spades loco blanco saltine BFH

Colbert Takes Swipe At Obama

December 8, 2014 BFH 0

This is how bad it is for the president, a loyal court jester lashes out. At the Kennedy Center Honors Colbert said that Michelle Obama is apparently not running for public office because “she’s sitting next to Obama.” Oooch. I’ll bet you when they air [Read More]

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