Super Bowl Babies

February 2, 2016 Dr. Tar 4

I think it’s a reminder from the NFL to be careful how you celebrate Super Bowl 50. Watch

Aurelius’s Prediction Thread

February 2, 2016 BFH 20

Yesterday Aurelius made his Iowa Caucus prediction – and so did the readers. My prediction: Cruz– 28.4 Trump– 26.8 Rubio– 21.7 Carson– 7.2 Oh, and for fun: Hillary: 50.2% Sanders: 49.6% O’Malley: .2% Here are the final results from Iowa:

Joe Biden Gets 1 Billion In Order To Cure Cancer

February 2, 2016 BFH 25

Obama made Joe Biden the face of the “Moonshot Cancer Cure.” And he’s going to request 1 billion dollars for Joe to play with. Which is more absurd, Joe being the Cancer Czar, or this lady being Belgium’s Health Minister?

OREGON: Prozanski abandons controversial gun bill

February 2, 2016 MJA 6

Register-Guard: Measure would have barred some people suspected of mental illness from buying guns for 30 days. SALEM — Sen. Floyd Prozanski, a Eugene Democrat, on Monday abandoned a controversial gun bill he had introduced, citing a lack of time to adequately craft the policy [Read More]

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