They Should Have Given Her the Medal of Dumdom

November 28, 2015 Dr. Tar 26

The love affair between entertainment celebrities and Democrat politicians just got more absurd with Obama handing out the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Barbara Streisand this week. Never lost for words, Babs did her best to say something stupid and provide yet another reason to [Read More]

Walmart protests flop

November 28, 2015 MJA 6

Workers scarce at Walmart protests. WaExaminer: Walmart workers were scarce at the much-hyped Black Friday protests against the retailer’s wages and employment policies. Even protesters who didn’t work at the stores were hard to find.

Bernie Sanders Attacks WalMart on Black Friday

November 28, 2015 MJA 5

Democratic socialist candidate for presidentSen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) wasn’t getting into the Black Friday spirit, spending the day tweeting an angry missive against retail giant WalMart. – Breitbart

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