July 18, 2015 Dr. Tar 8

A fast moving wildfire swept across a California highway, burning 20 cars. Fortunately, no drivers were injured. Air units that could have been dispatched to quash the flames were delayed for 26 minutes because as many as five drones were observed flying in the area.

National Swimmer’s Day

July 18, 2015 BFH 34

In tribute to the ultimate scumbag, Ted Kennedy, who abandoned a woman submerged in his car.  Ted drove into a pond 46 years ago today because he was evading a police officer. Ted was drunk and with another woman so he sped off into the night and flipped his [Read More]

First Pot Ad To Air on Television Monday

July 18, 2015 BFH 13

That ad will immediately be followed by ads for Famous Amos Cookies, Funyons, Pringles, Popeye’s Chicken and Ben and Jerry’s. (NEWSER) – People in Denver settling in to watch Jimmy Kimmel’s show Monday night will see a little bit of television history—the nation’s first TV ad [Read More]

This Comedy Video Is Nothing to Laugh About

July 18, 2015 BFH 3

This is, technically, comedy, but I can’t laugh at this 7 year-old comedy bit. Because they are so tone deaf about Islam, because they run cover for Islam, because they try to shame and paint anyone pragmatic about the current Muslim problem as a bigot and an “Islamophobe,” [Read More]


July 18, 2015 Cardigan 10

As Donald Trump continues to rise in Republican presidential primary polls, The Huffington Post announced today that it will suddenly cease coverage of Trump’s campaign as part of its politics coverage. More at Breitbart.  

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