November 25, 2015 MJA 36

An older man approached an attractive younger woman at a shopping mall. ”Excuse me; I can’t seem to find my wife. Can you talk to me for a couple of minutes?”

Is This What Drudge Was Alluding To in Vague Tweet?

November 25, 2015 BFH 17

Drudge’s Tweet The story behind it? DC Whispers- Within minutes of shooting down (and filming) a Russian military jet the Turkish government was claiming it did so to protect its own airspace. Russian officials then disputed that claim while the Obama White House quickly sided [Read More]


November 24, 2015 BFH 24

This site compiles all of the demands by students (on behalf of black people) on each college campus in America. Each college varies. Here are some of the demands I’ve plucked out from the collection. WE DEMAND free tuition for Black and indigenous students – [Read More]

Police Officer Reassigned After Truthful Tweet

November 24, 2015 BFH 15

Confirmed – this is the questionable #BlackLivesMatter tweet from @PortlandPolice Officer John Hurlman pic.twitter.com/au7APQJhCN — Mike Benner (@MikeBennerKGW) November 25, 2015 The guy has THREE followers, made 11 tweets in just over a year, and he was sought out and destroyed for having an opinion that is [Read More]

Will Smith – “Racism is Rare”

November 24, 2015 BFH 56

Will Smith says that too many people conflate prejudice with racism and that “actual racism is rare,” while “everyone is prejudiced.” He uses the same example that Jesse Jackson used to illustrate how history and observations shape your prejudices. Are you more wary when a big [Read More]

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