Self Harm Part Of Islam’s Battle Plan For 1400 Years

January 19, 2016 MJA 6

PickeringPost: It’s nice to have a couple of days away from the news but flicking through this morning and what do we find? Jakarta Post: “Muslims massacre innocents in terror attack!” Burkina Faso Telegraph: Muslims massacre innocents in hotel carnage! Cologne Zeitung: “Muslims carry out [Read More]

RNC dumps NBC

January 19, 2016 MJA 8

WaTimes: The Republican National Committee announced Monday that the Super Tuesday debate will be stripped from NBC News and given to CNN. The RNC already had suspended ties with NBC News over bias in the handling of an earlier candidate forum by CNBC, but the [Read More]

The Symbolism Is Not Lost On Me

January 19, 2016 BFH 14

A building where the Bill of Rights is believed to have been born was partially demolished.   Fox-  It was a historic mistake. A Pennsylvania building believed to be the birthplace of the Bill of Rights was partially demolished earlier this month because developers didn’t know [Read More]

8 Women In Burkas Cornered By ISIS Soldiers

January 19, 2016 Claudia 17

Then They Lifted Their Burkas And JUSTICE Was Served! Right Wing News – Militants from the terrorist group, ISIS found themselves face to face with 8 Burka clad women…shortly after the Burkas came off and what happened next will have you wanting to shake the [Read More]

ISIS is cutting salaries 50%

January 18, 2016 MJA 8

Da'ish militants "suffer" lowering of salaries by 50% by and H/T to @ajaltamimi — J. Faraday (@CTstudies) January 17, 2016 Story Here

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