October 1, 2014 BFH 0

Big Journalism The Daily Caller’s Derek Hunter caught yet another stealth edit at the Washington Post, a publication notorious for secretly rewriting its news pages without any sort of editorial note. In this case, the Washington Post changed its mind about letting its readers know the gender of a [Read More]


October 1, 2014 BFH 0

Big Hollywood Robert Davi Mitt Romney can win in 2016. Are you shaking your head, smirking and thinking, “yeah, right? Romney already had his shot. We need someone new, fresh, exciting … someone that can galvanize the nation!”

Solar City Horror Stories

October 1, 2014 BFH 14

Hawai’i Free Press Customers tell horror stories of solar company that gets $422M in tax dollars “As a customer, you have no say,” Leeds said. “With a solar lease, you are putting the stuff on your roof. You have a signed contract with the devil [Read More]

Obese Woman Blames Welfare For Her Condition

October 1, 2014 BFH 0

TRN Christina Briggs, 26, of Wigan, England, claims she can only eat fattening junk food — a whole lot of it — because healthier food is just too expensive for her “limited” welfare benefits, according to an interview in The Daily Mail. How about exercising to lose weight? [Read More]

Uh Oh…

October 1, 2014 BFH 0

Wcnc Georgia woman mistakenly jailed for more than a month after cops confused SpaghettiOs for meth A Georgia woman was mistakenly jailed for one month after cops confused her SpaghettiOs for meth. Ashley Gabrielle Huff was first detained on July 2 after officers in Gainesville [Read More]

Mug Shot

October 1, 2014 BFH 0

Robbed bank, tried to get away on a light rail train .

Obamacare To Make Filing Your Taxes Even Harder

September 4, 2014 BFH 0

Lonely Conservative Quite a few Americans are going to find filing their taxes is even more difficult and complex thanks to Obamacare, according to the CEO of H&R Block. As if filing your taxes isn’t bad enough. Internal Revenue Service has released to comply with [Read More]

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