Media Alert – Montel Williams Plans Art Contest

June 20, 2015 BFH 52

Montel Williams has been an outspoken, and incoherent, adversary/critic of Pamela Geller. His latest tweet is plain silly and makes absolutely no point whatsoever. MEDIA ALERT: Upon return from a trip next week I will plan a #DrawPamelaGellar contest. Of course it stands for #1a rights [Read More]

Emerson College To Offer Joke Degree

June 20, 2015 Dr. Tar 12

The first four year BA Degree in Comedic Arts will be offered by Emerson College of Boston in 2016. The program is being described as very “hands on.” “If you want to be a sitcom writer, we are going to take you through sitcom writing, and [Read More]

Selective Service Requirements and Transgenders

June 20, 2015 BFH 13

The government seems to be “anti-science.” Female to male are not required to register. Why not? They’re males, no? Male to female are required to register. Why? They’re females, no? And here’s a site telling transgenders how to become exempt from registering. That doesn’t sound [Read More]

Doesn’t the Koran Animate Men To Murder?

June 20, 2015 BFH 18

If the confederate flag is hatred because it animated one guy to murder then why isn't the the Koran a symbol of hatred too? — el ¡Soopèr! ن (@SooperMexican) June 20, 2015 ht/ Jason Chisel IRONY CURTAIN RANT- Same friggin’ formula every time. They’ll never [Read More]

In The End, It’s Up To Us

June 20, 2015 Cardigan 7

Springer’sBlog- When 4 Americans murdered in Benghazi were repatriated at Andrews Air Force Base, the Secretary of State looked right into the faces of the grieving families and lied, telling them that their loved ones died because of a badly made video.  Her only concern [Read More]

Blood Mirror, Part I

June 20, 2015 Dr. Tar 17

In order to protest the FDA’s unwillingness to let all gay men donate blood with no additional restrictions (right now they have to claim to not have had anal sex in the last year), Jordan Eagles took blood from nine gay men and put it [Read More]

Medical Device Tax Repeal

June 20, 2015 Claudia 7

Paulsen’s medical device tax repeal bill garners near veto-proof House majority from  Jim Spencer Star Tribune White House threatened to veto Paulsen-sponsored legislation without a revenue offset. WASHINGTON – The House on Thursday voted to repeal a medical device tax that Minnesota’s medical technology sector [Read More]

Have No Fear

June 20, 2015 BFH 35

When it was thought that our archives might have been lost, a reader had only one fear – that this piece would be lost forever. It received a lot of thumbs up. Don’t fear. Here it is –

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