Ryan: I support a ‘pathway to legal status’

November 16, 2015 MJA 19

WashingtonExaminer: House Speaker Paul Ryan iterated his support for a “pathway to legal status” for illegal immigrants Sunday, but opposed a pathway to citizenship, and also rejected the much more harsh immigration plan of GOP presidential primary front-runner Donald Trump.

Obama arrives late for ‘moment of silence’

November 16, 2015 MJA 39

WashingtonTimes: President Obama walked in late Sunday on a moment of silence being held by world leaders in Turkey to honor the victims of Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris. Reporters traveling with the president said Mr. Obama had not yet arrived when other world leaders at [Read More]

Melissa the Menace

November 16, 2015 BFH 8

Professor Melissa Click totally looks like Margaret from Dennis the Menace. Hat Tip Media Bladders

Muzzy Math

November 15, 2015 BFH 14

One of the 7 terrorists that attacked Paris has been connected with the influx of Syrian refugees. Simple math shows that of 129 dead each terrorist represents 18 victims. If the planned importation of 10,000 Syrian refugees is allowed, and the same small percentage slips [Read More]

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