Why did the Democratic South become Republican?

July 26, 2017 MJA 14

  The south used to vote Democrat. Now it votes Republican. Why the switch? Was it, as some people say, because the GOP decided to appeal to racist whites? Carol Swain, Professor of Political Science at Vanderbilt University, explains.

What the hell did I just read?

July 26, 2017 MJA 20

KFI: Police up in Richmond were serving an arrest warrant for a man when things got weird and gross really fast. The suspect gave police a false name, which happened to belong to another man who was also wanted for an arrest warrant. When the [Read More]

Transgenders Will Not Be Allowed To Serve In Military

July 26, 2017 MJA 58

DC: President Donald Trump has made the executive decision to ban transgenders from serving in the military, reversing a major decision by the Obama administration. In a tweet series posted Wednesday morning, Trump stated that after serious consultation with military experts, the U.S. cannot allow [Read More]

Low Morals at NYT

July 26, 2017 MJA 25

Oops. I meant to write, “Low morale at NYT.” DC: The New York Times is set to undergo another round of buyouts in the coming weeks, demoralizing journalists and creating a deep unease in the publication’s newsroom, according to Vanity Fair. “The mood at the paper [Read More]

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