Al Franken Comedy

November 20, 2017 BFH 12

THE FRANKEN AND DAVIS SHOW was a show within a show on Saturday Night Live. This was a 1978 skit. Before they go into their “famous” sumo wrestler sketch,  Franken stops the sketch to introduce his family, and Tom Davis’s girlfriend, seated in the audience. [Read More]

Merkel’s in a mess

November 20, 2017 MJA 14

American Thinker: Germany in crisis as pro-business FDP party pulls out of Merkel’s coalition talks. Germany finds itself in a political crisis today as Chancellor Angela Merkel has failed to create a coalition government that would give her a majority in parliament. The Free Democratic [Read More]

The Coming College Implosion

November 20, 2017 Dr. Tar 12

What happens when an institution spews nonsense, yet charges a fortune to those wanting certification that they withstood it for four or more years?  You get a lot of people not willing to subject themselves to it anymore. More

RIP Chris Matthews’ leg

November 20, 2017 MJA 15

American Thinker: He was a working-class kid from Philly who parlayed his job on the Capitol Police Force into work for Speaker Tip O’Neill, becoming his chief of staff, and, later, speechwriter for Jimmy Carter before moving into print and later TV journalism.  He lives [Read More]

The US Navy’s Lowered Expectations

November 20, 2017 MJA 20

DC-— The Navy announced Wednesday that new female recruits to the service are going to have to complete a one-and-a-half mile run in 18 minutes, seven seconds. Male recruits will have to run the same distance in 16 minutes, 10 seconds, and if neither male nor female [Read More]

Long time Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams will step down

November 20, 2017 MJA 9

American Thinker: Controversial Irish activist Gerry Adams, president since 1983 of Sinn Fein, the “political arm” of the Irish Republican Army, announced he was stepping down next year. Adams guided Sinn Fein through the worst of IRA violence against British soldiers and protestant activists in [Read More]

All Aboard Air F*** One

November 20, 2017 BFH 29

ZH- In a stunning revelation that could leave an indelible stain on the Clintons’ political legacy and possibly quash Hillary Clinton’s dreams of running for president again in 2020, the Daily Mail is reporting that four women have shared their accounts of being sexually assaulted by Clinton [Read More]

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