Red Sonia’s Loaded Opinion

June 25, 2015 Dr. Tar 7

The Supreme Court relied on Sonia Sotomayor to write an opinion on its ruling in the City of Los Angeles v. Patel. She took the opportunity to throw the door wide open for government tyranny and attacks on abortion limits.

House Passes Bill to Repeal ObamaCare Death Panel

June 25, 2015 Cardigan 8

AMAC- Today, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 1190, theProtecting Seniors’ Access to Medicare Act of 2015, which was introduced by Rep. Phil Roe (R-TN). This bill repeals ObamaCare’s “death panel” – the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) – a panel of 15 unelected [Read More]

House panel votes to defund Obamacare

June 25, 2015 Cardigan 8

WaExaminer- A House panel advanced a spending bill that effectively rolls back several provisions of Obamacare in the Republicans’ latest attempts to challenge the controversial law. The House Appropriations Committee voted 30-21 along party lines to advance a $153 billion funding bill for several federal [Read More]

Scalia’s Dissent

June 25, 2015 BFH 40

Time- Scalia starts by bashing the majority opinion: The Court holds that when the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act says “Exchange established by the State” it means “Exchange established by the State or the Federal Government.” That is of course quite absurd, and the [Read More]

Do We Have Any Teeth, Do We Have Any Nails?

June 25, 2015 BFH 7

The Hill Senate Republicans quickly pledged Thursday to fight to repeal ObamaCare in the wake of a Supreme Court ruling upholding the law’s federal subsidies. The Supreme Court ruled in a 6-3 decision that 6.4 million people can continue to receive subsidies that allow them to [Read More]

IRS paid $18 million to tax-delinquent firms

June 25, 2015 Cardigan 4

WashingtonExaminer- Internal Revenue Service officials broke their own rules by handing out dozens of contracts worth more than $18 million to companies with federal tax debt. One company with a felony conviction even managed to secure nearly $70,000 worth of contracts from the tax agency, [Read More]

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