Yerushalmi & Muise

April 1, 2014 BFH 0

Sharia: Threat to American Freedom . Blazing Cat Fur – AFLC Co-Founders and Senior Counsel David Yerushalmi and Robert Muise gave a presentation in Cincinnati to a standing-room-only crowd entitled, “Sharia: Threat to American Freedom.” Watch this very informative video. . Yerushalmi and Muise are [Read More]

Tense March 9th Election Day For Kim Jon-Un

March 4, 2014 BFH 0

Telegraph- At the end of this week, Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s young leader, is standing for election. ndeed, across North Korea, all voting slips will carry a single name: the candidate endorsed by the Workers’ Party. It is possible to vote no, for anyone brave [Read More]

Duke Porn Star is Named Belle Knox

March 4, 2014 BFH 0

Everyone sort of went along with not outing her name until she outed herself. But the porn sites have been calling her the Duke Porn star in the comment section for weeks. Poor girl thinks she is “empowered.” She’s not. She’s lost. Her soul is [Read More]

USS Sommerset

March 4, 2014 BFH 0  The USS Somerset is named for the southwestern Pennsylvania county where Flight 93 crashed. With its 684-foot starboard side serving as the backdrop, the amphibious transport dock warship was formally commissioned in front of more than 5,000 spectators at Penn’s Landing.

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