Make It Stop – Chelsea Being Groomed For Congressional Run

February 26, 2017 BFH 27

NY Post- Last November, Page Six reported that Chelsea was being groomed for a Congressional run. The Clintons “will not give up,” a source said. “Chelsea would be the next extension of the Clinton brand.” That’s the problem. Putting aside America’s exhaustion with dynastic politics, [Read More]

It’s Mardi Gras, Critters!

February 26, 2017 Claudia 18

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Joke Night

February 26, 2017 Claudia 77

Moe Tom had a good idea for a joke night. I’ll start you off with this one: A Mexican, an Arab and a redneck girl are in the same bar. When the Mexican finishes his beer, he throws his glass in the air, pulls out [Read More]

If it weren’t for walls, there would be no Pope

February 26, 2017 MJA 15

CFP: Had it not been for Pope Leo’s walls–and other Christian walls, such as Constantinople’s, which kept Islam out of Europe for centuries, and Vienna’s, which stopped a full-blown jihad as recent as 1683–there might not be a pope today. Pope Francis continues to argue [Read More]

ICYMI: Ivan Koloff. Great Wrestler, Great Heel, Great Man

February 25, 2017 Dr. Tar 4

Last Saturday, the man known as Ivan Koloff, the Russian Bear (born Oreal Perras, in 1942 in Montreal, Quebec) passed away at his home in Winterville, North Carolina. Koloff had a legendary wrestling career that stretched 30 years, despite his many injuries. Video remembrance, Here Koloff’s life after [Read More]

Florida: Naked man wrestles Melbourne police in rain

February 25, 2017 MJA 26

FloridaToday: A Melbourne man who authorities said hopped out of his car on a busy causeway and then stripped naked in the rain before wrestling with several police officers in front of onlookers, remains under a mental evaluation Thursday. The unusual incident happened about 3 [Read More]

Police Dept. Forced To Remove Cool Decals

February 25, 2017 Dr. Tar 16

Eight vehicles of the Catlettsberg Police Department in Kentucky had their new Blues Lives Matter skull decals removed after complaints that The Punisher inspired design is based on a vigilante character who willingly murders evil doers in the pursuit of personal justice. More

A Magician’s Final Act?

February 25, 2017 Dr. Tar 28

Mystery abounded last night at Hollywood’s members only private club, the Magic Castle.  Police were called in when, reportedly, a man’s body was found in a closet with a bag over his head, wearing only his underwear.  They are saying this morning that the deceased was a [Read More]

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