DNC to Bernie: No Thanks

October 22, 2017 BFH 9

WFB: The progressive wing of the Democratic coalition won a small victory on Friday when the Democratic National Committee voted down a resolution demanding Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) join the party. DNC members rejected the measure that otherwise would have called on Sanders and [Read More]

The Czech Trump Wins

October 22, 2017 BFH 17

I was told Trump was hated around the world. Countries seem to be looking for their own Trumps, fed up with idiotic, suicidal left-wing policy. Yahoo- Prague (AFP) – With voters upset over traditional parties and orders from Brussels, billionaire populist Andrej Babis, dubbed the [Read More]

Say “Cheese”

October 22, 2017 Claudia 18

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October 22, 2017 MJA 7

Front Page: It’s now inevitable that any issue will produce a spiraling doom cycle of bad responses to bad behaviors which will make even more of a mess. So the response to the very belated exposure of Harvey Weinstein’s misdeeds by a lefty establishment that [Read More]

EPA’s Pruitt abolishes ‘sue and settle’

October 22, 2017 MJA 4

CFP: On Monday, Scott Pruitt, Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency administrator, announced a major change in the way the EPA will be doing business in the future. The agency will no longer pursue what has come to be known as “sue and settle,” whereby environmental groups [Read More]

Black Rifle Coffee Company

October 21, 2017 BFH 16

When they say they DGAS, they mean they DGAS. Not the most subtle video I’ve ever seen, but they don’t care what I think, either.   The ISIS Button. ht/ PHenry

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