Panama, Mexico helping potential terrorists reach U.S.

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Fausta’s Blog:  For starters, neither country wants to deter effectively the human traffic from which thousands profit every day. Additionally, they would have to feed, house, process and transport the detainees – another expensive ordeal. And don’t forget that the White House favors an open border while not even talking of a possibility of terrorism.


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  1. obama’s immigration policies, like all of obama’s enacted social, economic, military, healthcare policies are meant to over-load the US system of self determination,freedom and government (Cloward-Piven strategy).

    Betrayal from within is the most destructive.
    Cloward-Piven are the authors of destruction.
    obama is the practitioner.
    congress is the enabler.

  2. How dare they step on Obuttholes legacy of flooding the US with multi-millions of low grade peons which he is highly capable of doing all on his own. He don’t need no stinkin help in ruining the US of A so cease and desist and continue to destroy your own 3rd world cesspools!

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