Pathetically sad to see the left’s hopes and dreams of impeachment resting on the pen of a known liar

Author Michael Wolff-


In its review of Wolff’s book Burn RateBrill’s Content criticized Wolff for “apparent factual errors” and said that more than a dozen of the subjects he mentioned complained that Wolff had “invented or changed quotes” that he attributed to them.[20]

In a 2004 cover story for The New Republic, Michelle Cottle wrote that Wolff was “uninterested in the working press,” preferring to focus on “the power players—the moguls” and was “fixated on culture, style, buzz, and money, money, money.” She also noted that “the scenes in his columns aren’t recreated so much as created—springing from Wolff’s imagination rather than from actual knowledge of events.” Calling his writing “a whirlwind of flourishes and tangents and asides that often stray so far from the central point that you begin to wonder whether there is a central point”, she quoted one daily New York columnist as saying “I find it nearly impossible to read his columns. They’re flabby. I don’t know what the fuck he’s trying to say.” One journalist who knew Wolff told Cottle, “He can’t write. He doesn’t report.”[21] Cottle subsequently called Wolff “possibly the bitchiest media big foot writing today.”[22]

“Wolff’s prose is difficult to hack through,” wrote Erik Wemple in The Washington Post, adding that Wolff “is the Foxconn of the pointless, comma-laden aside.” [23]

The Columbia Journalism Review criticized Wolff in 2010 when he suggested that The New York Times was aggressively covering the breaking News International phone hacking scandal as a way of attacking News Corporation chairman Rupert MurdochCJR called Wolff’s analysis “pathetic”, “disgusting”, “twisted”, and based on “zero evidence”.[24]

His former employer, New York Magazine, has called him an “angry man for pay” and a “media provocateur”.[25] Howard Kurtz once said, “Michael is rarely impressed by anyone other than himself.” [26]

In November 2016, Wolff evoked criticism for stating that journalists should serve as “stenographers.” [27] Charlie Pierce called Wolff’s comment “an incredible pile of bullshit.”[27]


In other words, the guy is a hack extraordinaire.

Bannon says the guy’s quotes on him are a pant load-


15 Comments on Pathetically sad to see the left’s hopes and dreams of impeachment resting on the pen of a known liar

  1. That’s fine, but what did Trump mean in his tweet about Bannon leaking phony info to the press while at the white house?

  2. The headlines on Drudge have been off the wall today. First they claim Bannon said some crazy shit about Trump jr.; now they’re claiming Trump is talking smack against Bannon. When things get weird like this, my first thought is a leak hunt is going on. Still no reason to think differently yet.

  3. “…a whirlwind of flourishes and tangents and asides…possibly the bitchiest media big foot writing today…”

    So he’s gay, too. I love the code-talking leftists employ when they need to be coy.

  4. I said this in the previous post but why would Bannon work with Wolff at all??? He’s a known turd or “hack extraordinaire”! Something smells!

  5. Rule 101 when you are going to lie to smear someone don’t source real people just fall back on anonymous sources.


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