PBS Pulls Tavis Smiley Over Sex Misconduct Allegations

According to Variety, PBS hired an attorney to investigate allegations of misconduct by late night talk show host, Tavis Smiley. A number of staffers who were interviewed spoke of Smiley having sexual relations with subordinates, making employment contingent upon having sex,  as well as verbal abuse and creating a threatening environment.   More 

Smiley disputes PBS’s findings and the way the investigation was conducted.   More

11 Comments on PBS Pulls Tavis Smiley Over Sex Misconduct Allegations

  1. I’m curious. Did they ever put him inside a room with the accusers and a moderator before they get to calling lawyers and shit? Unless he admits to an accusation, they don’t have anything. And I’m saying this as a person who hates everything about PBS and the douche Tavis Smiley. But let’s take this further, as long as we’re playing the game. PBS gets no more public funding until they can get their act together. How about that one?

  2. I wonder if the networks are calling up investigations on people they want to fire but couldn’t because of contracts and unions? Harassment is a great excuse now, because it’s a fad.

  3. Always bugged me the way he over-enunciates many words like “again”… he says agaaaaaain like some ivy league William F. Buckley wanna be.
    However MJA hit the nail head….a whole lotta curious shite goin down.

  4. He is angrily fighting this, says it never happened and is very mad at PBS for just benching him prior to investigation. I completely agree – an accusation is not enough basis to bench or fire someone. It should be investigated, as should the motives of the accuser, in as sensitive a way as possible. And this must be applied equally to all – men, women, Dems, Repubs, blacks, whites, doesn’t matter.

  5. Never heard of him … but there’re lots of people I’ve never heard of.

    Kind of strange that the “Velvet Mafia” and pedophiles of Hollyweird aren’t being “outed,” isn’t it? The silence is deafening.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. WAIT JUST ONE DAMNED MINUTE! If I offer someone a yob if they perform…….. a job and they accept! How does that make me a criminal? That is simply a contract.
    But I will state for the record, that taking liberties with subordinates is unconscionable.
    Everyone on this current wave is after PDJT. Nothing else to it. Many prominent people will suffer (or commit sideways), but the endgame is Trump.
    As my Daddy used to state: “This too shall pass.”

  7. Smiley has been so sure his socialist safe space would protect him from the feminist onslaught. He never anticipated being fad sex scandal fodder.


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