Pence Takes A Powder After 49ers Take A Knee

Vice President Mike Pence attended today’s game in Indianapolis, until about 2 dozen San Francisco 49ers took a knee during the national anthem (the Colts all stood and locked arms).


The odds are close on this one. I hope the Colts take it to the visiting team.

30 Comments on Pence Takes A Powder After 49ers Take A Knee

  1. Standing and locking arms is just a different version of the same protest. The players and teams had a chance to behave in front of the Vice President but they couldn’t help but shitting their pants.

  2. @thirdtwin. Agree 110%, as they say in jock talk.
    I still can’t help but peek at standings every now and then.

    Is there a 12 step program for NFL withdrawal?

  3. Karma caught up with odell beckham also. 1 week after pretending to be a dog pissing in the end zone he gets carted off the field in tears with a broken ankle. So sad.

  4. I find Pence too carefully choreographed. Especially now that Trump is showing us all how it’s done. Pence would never have the courage to face the heat of making tough stands like his boss.

  5. That stupid locking arms shit is just as offensive as that stupid taking a knee shit. Fuck all those commie fuckers. NFL can go to hell & take every idiot in all the other sports who pull that crap right along with them. Miserable overpaid disrespectful pukes!

  6. WTF is a self respecting pol doing with in 100 mi of an NFL game let alone being in the stadium. Football should be like kryptonite to him, but there he is.

  7. Haven’t watched since week 2. They can GTH as far as I’m concerned. King Roger will have to come to my house with a personal apology for me to CONSIDER returning.

  8. Ignore them for cripes sake! Are you seriously telling me, that the Vice president got triggered and had to leave the game because a 20 some douches? Pence just made this whole thing worse. Fucking jackass. I’m sorry. What a spineless douche.

  9. Was a PR stunt – a good waste of 300k or so. Pence is a little creep..big surprise. Not one thing said about the white nationalists (again) in Cville this weekend

  10. I haven’t watched since the beginning of last season, so I didn’t see the game. In my opinion locking arms is no different than taking a knee.

  11. Of course the news outlets this morning are crying about the expense of Pence’s trip to and from the game.

    About the $billions$ subsidized to the NFL from US taxpayers, not so much.

  12. Jesus Christ! I don’t think VP Mike Pence “has to be told what to do” in any situation. “Pence would never have the courage,” yadda, yadda, yadda. Gimmeaphuckenbreak!

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