Pennsylvania: Man sentenced 10-20 years for attempted rape



A man who tried to rape an Upper Macungie Township real estate agent will not get a chance at a new prison sentence, a state Superior Court ruled.

Frank Yeager was sentenced to 10 to 20 years in state prison for attempted rape, the maximum sentence, by Lehigh County Judge William Ford.

Prosecutors said Yeager’s diary and computer searches showed a man hell-bent on rape.

The Bucks County man spent months accumulating a list of more than 200 names of Realtors and finding out the people’s addresses, Facebook pages, businesses, churches and schools they attended, Pennsylvania State Police said.

Yeager had a detailed diary filled with written and drawn rape fantasies and police said he took five months to work on his plan for his intended victim. Yeager found out where she lived and worked and her work hours, police said. READ MORE

SNIP: Holy *#$@ you guys… I am fresh out of words.
I’d like a medical explanation for his face/head and if there’s any correlation to his craziness, please. And thank you.

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  1. We’re looking at the teratogenic effects of something. Either the mother or father absorbed a DNA mutagen that affects sex cells, with the mutation expressed phenotypically in offspring but not the parent.

    Pick your poison: alpha, beta, gamma emitters, frame shift mutagens, thymine dimerization, voting Democrat…

  2. Well, maybe the fellow will get a date in his next port of call and I’ll bet he won’t have to do so much hard background work.

  3. Well, may I suggest that he couldn’t get laid with a mug like that so he decided to take matters into his own hands.

  4. You mean a fellow like him isn’t boinking any fair young maiden he wants. Sorry, I’m not buying this story. Gotta call BS on this one.

  5. The Islam is strong with this one.

    This guy is also in the Evolution exhibit at the Smithsonian. Early Man, 500,000 BC. “Distant cousin”. An extinct evolutionary dead end.

  6. There’s a kid in the neighborhood who looks pretty much exactly like that…cleft palate, slight walleye, bad sinus problems. Malformed in utero. Not sure what condition is but not bored enough to look it up.

  7. As a former follower of horror movies, there’s a film called THE FUNHOUSE (1980, iirc) with a monster that’s an extreme case of whatever this is.

  8. If his victim was a Republican, would the media and liberals blame her, would they say she had it coming?

  9. Let’s have a little compassionate conservatism here. There is clearly something very wrong with this guy physically and mentally. Props to “Vermin Control” for making some serious guesses.

  10. point taken, he can’t have an easy life looking like that and he has the same urges as all other men. Hate to be in his shoes.

  11. Ziplrss instant SE x with a hot real estate agent showing a vacant house has been a staple plot of Porn films since forever.

    I wonder if this Neanderthal’s public defender even bothered to try the Porn-made-him-do-it defense. Apparently it’s worked before.

  12. BTW typos I had at least 6 pop-up ads grab my screen and interrupt while trying to type that last post. Happens constantly now. Only on IOTW.
    Fake malware alerts and fake Apple-Security-virus-detected-alerts. URL displayed is “” and “”.
    Disables my Back button and I have to close browser completely.
    Anyone else having this? I’m seeing this only at IOTW.

  13. Too bad he didn’t put all that effort into doing something worthwhile — like learning a trade or bettering himself.

  14. @Rufus.

    I keep getting redirected to some sun tan ad.
    Obviously they haven’t turned on the camera on my iPhone or they would already have noticed that I am a well tanned Adonis. I don’t need them.

  15. That is one TREMENDOUSLY UGLY mother-brother! I think I’ve seen him on an old sci-fi program. Didn’t even need makeup to play the alien!

  16. Yeager’s parents lobbied for their son. He endured many surgeries as a child and has a physical appearance that led to bullying as a child and being shunned by women as an adult. Yeager also suffers from mental issues that make him socially awkward, they said.

    “He has never hurt anyone,” said Angelina Yeager, his mother. “He wanted what everybody else wanted — a wife and a home.”

    He’s 29 years old.
    If he wanted a wife and a home, he should have gone about things differently. Now he’ll have a chance to fulfill his fantasies in prison.

  17. @Rufus…

    I’ve seen the “Apple Security” virus phishing here for a while…..

    Only on my iPhone and/or iPad…..

    I’ve commented about it in the last few days and haven’t seen any mention of fixes, advice, and/or anything.


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