Perfect Fit

New white house mouthpiece, Josh Earnest, was an aide to Marion Barry.



18 Comments on Perfect Fit

  1. Barry, Bloomy and OBammy. He checked his moral compass at the door a long time ago. He has just what it takes for the job.

  2. If you ever say to yourself “Surely the American people won’t vote for that destructive politician,” go back and review the history of Marion Barry. There is no limit on the stupidity of a large segment of our society now.

  3. An aide to marion barry was probably good for procuring crack and Ho’s, and not much else.
    He’ll fit right in.

  4. How ironic – – a professional liar has to hire another professional liar to lie for him.

  5. When choomin’ just doesn’t do it anymore and you need someone who was an aide to Marion Berry and probably knows his way around a bindle.


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