These are portraits I’ve painted of our reader’s pets. They send me photos and I make a painting. They come in various sizes and various levels of intensity, depending on how artsy (drunk) you want me to get!

8×10- $150 (all prices include shipping)

11×14 – $185

14×20 – $225

20 x 24 and up – $300

email me, we’ll talk.

Click any portrait to embiggify

10 Comments on BFH’s PET PORTRAITS

  1. Of all the great stuff you have done, online and off, these paintings have to be the coolest art you have ever done. And I say that owning a proof of your Molon Labe. 🙂

    Thanks again Fur.

  2. Just looked at your menagerie of pet portraits Fur. I’ve always thought they were exceptional.

    However, looking at the group of them, I’m REALLY impressed at how beautifully and accurately you’ve captured the eyes which are the most difficult to paint.

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