Pizzagate just got a little more plausible

Did you know there was a sex cult called DOS where some Hollywood actresses have been recruited to be sex slaves?

They are branded with a branding iron and have to submit to having pornographic images taken of them to use as blackmail if they should ever become apostates.

Sounds nuts, huh?


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  1. Of course this sort of thing is out there – depravity and sexual impropriety will know no limits as the world teeters on the brink of the Biblical prophecy of Luke 17: 26:

    Luke 17:26 (HCSB)
    26 “Just as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be in the days of the Son of Man”

    When God destroyed the earth it was because of sexual immorality, genetic tampering, homosexuality, inbreeding between nephilim and humans, and cannibalism.

    Read the story of Enoch.

  2. “DOS”? Damn – and to think I had that on my first PC, too!

    P.S. – Does anyone know where someone could purchase one of those little branding irons?

    (Just asking for a friend.)

  3. The pizzagate thing was never implausible. Two reason why — the desperate fierceness of those trying to torpedo the story, and the rapidity in which it has been memory-holed. There damn well IS something to it.

  4. Hans is right. Genesis says something peculiar about Noah: that he was pure in his generations. Lots of liberal Christians say that only means he was a man attempting to walk righteously before God in the midst of a perverted and corrupted race of people but (a) that goes without saying from everything else we know about Noah and (b) that is precisely not what it says about Noah’s line there. He was a righteous man but there was something else about him that singled out him and his family.

  5. Pizza Parties are very real and Growing, the Gate part seems to be temporarily closed though. Something huge will Blow up.
    This Rain guy is probably Vinnie from the Bronx, with a new accent and lot’s of Magic lessons !

  6. Looks like Chinese text.
    Hmmm … maybe some ancient cult.
    Belial, perhaps? Or that Chinese Devil-Looking-Dog?

    Didn’t Stevie Nicks claim that she sold her soul? Maybe somebody should check her out for little brands?

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. “If you want to join our cult, we have to take pornographic images and videos of you pleasuring yourself which we can use to blackmail you with should you ever want to leave. Still want to be part of our team? Good. Now take off your clothes while I go fire up the branding iron…”

  8. From now on, I am just going to assume every person I come across is a psychopath, or probably should see a doctor before they become a psychopath.

    I have come across more people with a NEUROSIS in the last 15 years, than in all the years prior to that time.

  9. So get both the girls mentioned in the article drunk and check them for brands or ask Bernstein to do a casting interview and ask him to look.
    I don’t know if the pizza story is true but after the last months Hollywood and DC stunning sexual disclosures it’s certainly becomes more plausible.


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