Poll: The Military hates Hillary

No kiddin’.

hillary behind curtain

Rassmussen: Hillary Clinton is still in line to win the Democratic Party’s nomination to be the next commander in chief, but few Americans in the military have a good impression of her. 

21 Comments on Poll: The Military hates Hillary

  1. Very few Americans outside the military have a good impression of her either
    It is incredibly unbelievable that this harridan actually has a chance of being the President of the United States.

  2. Shit, her own supporters hate her ass.

    Thing is, those sick unhappy fucks hate us so very much more.

    They love how she drives us nuts. They think it’s delicious.

    And that’s good enough for them.

  3. Imagine being Huma Wiener and having to…to service that sow…gulp…in the gray-haired “south 40”. Cobweb central!

    Keeey-rhyme-mini-Pete!!!! She’s earning hazard pay for that.


  4. The article said 27% of women favor Hillary…..

    I wonder if it’s the same 27% that answered “yes” to the G. Bush poll asking our service members whether they’d fire on American civilians if we refused to hand over our privately held weapons?

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