Popular Atlanta rapper who claimed God made him ‘bulletproof’ shot and killed

WaTimes: “Yung Mazi,” a popular rapper who claimed that God made him “bulletproof” after surviving at least 11 shootings, died of gunshot wounds over the weekend.

Jabriel Abdurrahman, aka Yung Mazi, was killed on Sunday after exiting the “Urban Pie” pizza restaurant in Atlanta. The Kirkwood neighborhood crime happened across the street from a local police precinct. read more

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  1. Now if he had said that he’s bulletproof three times in a row, then it would have been true. Just ask Maxine reclaiming her “tahm”, Waters.

    That is how it works in certain parts of society isn’t it?

  2. One less rapper with his pants hanging lower than his butt. He is one of God’s children, sadly, but we are better off without him.

  3. “Mr. Abdurrahman’s last previous shooting was at a Waffle House on Dec. 27, 2016”
    That’s a line from the Times story which is kind of revealing all on it’s own. Sort of tells me that Rap isn’t so much song styling as threats set to music.

  4. How many will be ventilated at the funeral?

    Baby mama’s cryin’,
    Fambly coffin buyin’.
    Urban Pizza in the ‘hood.
    Made this meatball good.

  5. “…the suspect in Sunday’s killing ran west on Hosea L. Williams Drive…”

    A good reason to keep up with your local black history: It’s not just MLKJ Boulevard you need to avoid. It’s pretty much any Civil Rights Leader Street.

  6. @ cato–so very true.
    @ will– sorry,not all are God’s children. Just ask Cain- King Herod- and the like…..

  7. “Popular Atlanta rapper”…”shot and killed”
    Rarely has a headline been so contradictory with itself

  8. I’m suprised he wasn’t shot in a car at a red light blaring that irritating garbage by someone in the next car.

  9. Was the attitude caused by a virus? Something is spreading around.

    A lot GOP pols who oppose Trump and the mood of the country that swept the GOP into majorities from small town councils to the WH also believe their political life has Devine protection. Fail to kill Obamacare, cut government intrusion to encourage job creation, stop the invasion of the country, and they may find out they too were wrong.

  10. “Mr. Abdurrahman’s last previous shooting was at a Waffle House…”
    Wow, a shooting at a Waffle House? What are the odds?


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