Post Holiday Blues

A little Allan Sherman to help laugh the weight away.

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  1. Fact: Don’t put ice cream in diet shakes.

    I keep having to relearn that every January.

  2. I visited my Mom at Christmas, very nice.
    Unfortunately, a dozen or so aggravating libtards, extended family and in-laws etc were also on hand.
    I bailed out after three days, literally shuddering with disgust.
    A couple hours down the highway my holiday blues began to lift. When I got home I was over the worst of it.

    And the leftovers Mom sent tasted much better than they did when I was surrounded by those shitheads.

  3. Being to big around the middle has more to do with how often you eat than what & how much you eat. Every time you eat your insulin level increases and so does your weight. Eat the same amount in fewer meals & your insulin level drops as will your weight. Weighting to much is an insulin level problem not a problem due to to much food & not enough exercise.

    Going sixteen to 19 hours per day without eating is better than the 12 hours recommended in this WSJ article. What they call TRF, time regulated feeding. Elsewhere called IF, intermittent fasting. .

    It also works when limiting how frequently your exposed to nutty leftist relatives to make you feel better.

  4. There’s just no point in trying to rein in our self-indulgence at Christmastime. It’s been especially hard to do so this year. Put on some bulky clothes to hide the worst of it and go into combat mode in a week or so. By spring you’ll be in fighting trim.

  5. Tom D. How to not get invited by libs. Tuck a little remote controlled fart machine under host lib’s chair. When the room is quiet, hit the remote. There’ll be tears running down your face as the lib tries to blame repulsive sound on his wife in the other room. When the laughter dies down assure the lib you knew all along it could not have been him, as he has gay friends. Another good one: Sneak a box of cheap wine into the party. Have someone take a picture of you secretly refilling expensive-wine bottles with box wine. Post picture on Facebook. You’ll never be invited back.

  6. I didn’t overeat over the holidays but I also didn’t get much outdoor time either. Which is exercise…of a sort.
    It’s just bloody awful here and after an hour and a half of trying to blow leaves frozen to the ground I was hating life. Enough.

    I feel sorry for my niece who escaped the frozen tundra of Idaho after years to move to central Virginia.
    It’s one of the coldest on record and it won’t let up.

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    And they say we’ll have some fun if it stops raining.


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